By: Lyons International  09-12-2011

I came across a great post to day over at It’s a step by step guide on how to leverage social media for traffic. I especially like the information on friendfeed, this little web app is destined to be killer as it reaches critical mass. In fact, why not subscribe to me now.

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Online Marketing

Processes like data collection, storage, its organization and analysis is carried out. In database marketing information of customers are used for doing online marketing. Business dealings and transactions have become very speedy in modern times.


Website Tips

Here right selection of keywords is made and then placed at right locations in the site content.


Marketing and Advertising

If in the old days, you have to shout your offers at a town plaza, today, with the growth of metropolitans, marketing and promotional activities have taken a new form—brochure printing. Ever since the first commercial store opened, business and marketing opportunities spew out on all corners.


Article Marketing

The main reasons you?re writing an article is for people to read.