Environmental Control Units | Heating Cooling ECU

By: Hdt Global  09-12-2011

When the outside world is at its worst, HDT is at its best. A proven line of heaters, including the industry’s only self-powered units, helps to conquer the cold even in arctic conditions. Powerful ECUs work to keep conditions comfortable in shelters and complexes in austere environments where heat can be hazardous. And incorporate the latest technology to keep contaminants at bay. All so those within our shelters can succeed in accomplishing their mission.


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Command & Control C2 Systems | GCCS

Our experts will carefully engineer an which uses modern classroom technology with the flexibility to integrate your current communications assets for the most cost-effective solution to meet your mission needs and requirements. Functionally oriented C2 facilities to support Air Command and Control, Air and Missile Defense, Administrative and Logistics Operations and Intelligence Fusion.


Expeditionary Energy Efficiency | Renewable Power Sources

This unit and other renewable power resources utilize micro grid technology to manage power demands in forward operating applications. We have the world’s only line of which incorporate a thermoelectric generator to supply power for combustion and air handling. They have undergone years of deployment in austere environments and we meet or exceed all military standards and requirements.


Expeditionary Shelters | Basecamp Military Shelters

Not only does HDT design and manufacture the expedition shelter structures, we configure complete base camps with our power generation, heating and cooling and protective air filtration systems to make them functional and safe. Browse key Accessories to outfit your expeditionary shelter system or browse our Commercial Product Chart. HDT 's advanced line of expeditionary shelter systems are designed to meet your specific requirements.


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We've built a solid reputation by designing and manufacturing intergrated products including shelters, power generators, heaters, environmental control units and air filtration equipment currently in use by U.S. and allied military units deployed worldwide.