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By: F.J. Zielski  09-12-2011

Our advisors will help you understand:

If you feel you have the ability to pay your creditors in full, if only you could reduce your payment, then you may wish to speak to a Credit Counselling Agency about a Debt Management Plan.

Usually your creditors will waive the continuation of interest under a Debt Management Plan, however if a garnishment has begun or any other legal action it is unlikely that the creditors will accept the plan.

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Instead of , or a , there are several other options that may be right for you. Your advisor can help you explore:

  • Debt arrangements. With this kind of arrangement, you can contact your creditors directly and arrange with them to pay off only a percentage of your debt, or pay down your debt over a period of time. Before this arrangement can work, your creditors must agree to it, and you may have to sign a contract.
  • Debt consolidation. With this option you deal directly with you bank to obtain a consolidation loan to refinance you debts into one new loan.

Unfortunately, if you are not proactive and follow one of the above options, your creditors will continue to demand money using collection agencies and will ultimately take legal action.

These downloaded forms will give your F.J Zielski & Associate advisor the information they need to assess your situation so you can make the right decision. Please complete the form as best you can and bring it to your free consultation.