DELTA®-MS Underslab

By: Cosella-dörken  09-12-2011
Keywords: High Density Polyethylene, Density Polyethylene


When using DELTA®-MS as a sub-base course, you gain crucial advantages:
Protection of the floor slab from rising moisture, high compressive strength, minimum installation time, no equipment cost, and no additional excavation. DELTA®-MS resists acids, alkalines, oils, and solvents. Its toughness and stiffness enables the dimpled sheet to endure the traffic of installers and wheelbarrows.


DELTA®-MS UNDERSLAB is manufactured with an exclusive co-extrusion process, utilizing 60% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from municipal recycling programs in the middle, and two thin layers of a specific grade of virgin HDPE on the outside. We use this process, exclusive to the dimple sheet industry, because we respect nature and for environmental protection, as well as our strong commitment to sustainability of our products.

The encapsulation of the recycled HDPE ensures that DELTA®-MS is adequately protected against polymer degradation caused by oxidation and environmental influences like acidic soils or alkalinity (concrete), which all-recycle based products are highly vulnerable to. In fact, it is virtually impossible to control the environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) of HDPE membranes that are made entirely from recycled resin.

DELTA®-MS, equipped with highly effective additive packages, is stabilized against oxidation and provides outstanding compressive strength, impact resistance, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance. Tests performed by independent and accredited laboratories prove the unrivaled sustainability and long-term performance, and are available upon request.


Used as sub-base course, DELTA®-MS Underslab provides crucial advantages: Quick installation time, no equipment, no additional excavation. The product is available in many convenient roll sizes, making installation very easy.

Keywords: Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene

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