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Products for jewelry-makers:

  tools - metal-polishing machines, with or without dust collectors; Dremel and Foredom flexible-shaft machines; full range of jewelry saw frames & blades, pliers, ring sizers and mandrels, tweezers, gravers, magnifiers, etc.

  supplies - full range of buffs, polishing compounds, fluxes & pickle for soldering, etc.

  metals - sterling silver in many gauges of wire & sheet, casting grain, various solders; 14K gold in several gauges of wire & sheet, and solder.

  mountings & findings - for pendants, brooches, bolas, etc., many in plated metals, some in sterling and 14K gold.

  boxes - for rings, pendants, etc., and compartmented boxes for small parts or specimens.

  books - dozens of titles, including Jewelry Maker's handbook (by Geisinger, under $10) and The Complete Metalsmith (by McCreight, about $25).

  cut stones - cabochons of many sizes, many stone varieties; a smaller selection of faceted stones (natural, and small synthetics). Selection of loose beads. Specific sizes/varieties/shapes of cabochons can be ordered as custom work by our lapidary.

Products for Lapidaries:

  tools - diamond-saw machines, diamond blades of many sizes, grind-sand-polish machines, motors, six or seven models of rock tumblers, etc.

  supp lies - grinding wheels, sanding bands, polishing powders, grit kits for tumblers, replacement parts for tumblers, etc.

  books - many titles, including Cabo chon Cutting (by Cox, $7.65) Introduction to Lapidary (by Kraus, $36.85), How to Tumble Polish Gemstones (by Wexler, $8.50)

Products for soft-stone carvers;

  tools & supplies: chisels, rasps, steel wool (including superfine), sandpaper, and soft stones including alabaster, pipestone, several varieties of soapstone (including pre-cut s oapstone shapes).

  books - Soapstone Carving for Children (by Gosse, $12.95), Rock Scu lpture (by Stage, $9.85), Creating with Soapstone (by Haberstich, $25.45)

Products for rock & fossil specimen collectors:

  specimens - hundreds of specimens of rocks and fossils (most as singles, some in sets) Compartmented boxes for small specimens. Magnifiers.

  books - $11.85 each); excellent titles by Audubon, Simon & Schuster. Golden Press, Eyewitness Books, and many others.

  - local titles (by Hudson) Gold, Gem.&Min.Sites of B.C. - Vol.1, Vancou ver Is. - Vol.2, part of lower mainland (each, $19.95)

Products for prospectors :

  tools & supplies - gold pans (in steel or plastic, in several sizes), portable sluice box. Estwing rock picks and chisels, safety goggles, small bottles, magnet for separating gold from black sand, sand scoop, magnifiers.

  books - Modern Metal Detect ors (by Garrett, $25.45), Nugget Shooting (by McCulloch, $9.95) Many titles on gold panning, including Gold Panner's Manual (by Basque,$12.95)


JEWELRY/GIFT products:

  Jewelry - bracelets, brooches, pendants, etc. (in plated or precious metals)

  Gilbert Pat jewelry - engraved silver jewelry by native craftsman

  Gift items crafted from stone (agate, jade, petrified wood, rhodonite, etc.)

  - carvings, large & small

  - polished stone specimens


  Crystals and natural stone specimens - many varieties

  Books - about 20 titles, including Crystal Healing, The Next Step (by Galde, @$8.35) and

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Keywords: Books, Gold, Jewelry