By: Patriot North Construction  15-11-2012
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How to Plan for a Dream Kitchen For most Canadian homeowners having a new dream kitchen tops the list of Canadian renovations. Besides being a status symbol, and great showcase for the home, a kitchen remodel will revolutionize the functioning ability of the kitchen from food preparation to storage. Choosing a Kitchen Remodeling ContractorKitchen remodeling or renovation will improve the appearance of your home and increase the value of your home as well. The best way to remodel or renovate your kitchen is by hiring a remodeling contractor. This will not only save you time and effort but it will save you money. The right contractor will help you plan, design, and construct your perfect kitchen. You should choose a contractor that listens to what you want and your ideas and works in a professional manner to bring your dream kitchen to life. This article will show you the correct steps to take to ensure you choose the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling or renovation job. Check and verify the insurance of the contractor: They should have liability insurance to protect you from and property damage your kitchen sustains during the remodeling process. You can call the insurance company of the contractor to ensure the insurance policy is up to date. You can also request to have your name placed on the insurance certificate so you are notified if the contractor cancels their insurance or the policy lapses during your kitchen project. The contractor should have worker's compensation insurance to protect you from being responsible for any injury the contractor may sustain while working on your kitchen. Check and verify the contractor's license: This will assist you in the instance that faulty work is performed on your kitchen remodeling or renovation project. If the contractor requires a permit to work on your kitchen, ensure he gets the required permit before beginning work on your kitchen. You can verify the contractor's license by doing a web search on licensing and registration in your state. Choose two to three contractor's to get quotes from. You will see a different estimate price from each one and this can help you control the kitchen remodeling or renovation cost. Remember; never choose a contractor just because he has the lowest price. Choose your contractor based on his reputation, work references, and past work samples. Make sure you get all estimates and warranties in writing: This will ensure no hidden costs are applied during the project, and avoid any disputes in the future. This will ensure what the contractor puts under warranty and how long the warranty is in effect for. Check and verify the contractor's references: Ask each contractor for references. Ask for the phone numbers of the references so you can call and verify the contractor's work. Ask the references if they would use the contractor again, if the contractor stayed on schedule and within the budget, if the contractor honored their warranties, and if there was anything they did not like about the contractor. Just follow these basic steps and you will choose the perfect contractor for your kitchen remodeling or renovation project. You will have your beautiful dream kitchen that will make your neighbor's green with envy. Top Ten Tips for your Kitchen Remodeling Project Renovating or remodeling your kitchen can increase the value of your property drastically. The kitchen is the hub of any household serving as an informal dining area, a place where family members congregate for a meal, a cooking area and is a very important part of the house. It is perhaps one of the most used rooms in the house and so special care should be taken when remodeling a kitchen because you don't want to leave any room for mistakes, kitchen remodeling is an expensive and time consuming remodeling project. Before starting on your kitchen renovation, you'll have to decide whether you'd like to hire a professional or do it yourself. You will also have to calculate what you'd like done and how much it will cost. Keep in mind any subcontracting work that may arise such as electrical work and plumbing when planning your budget. has many free articles and resources to help you with this, including a comprehensive list of highly rated and reputable contractors.

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