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Keywords: Delivery System

  • "Comparison of the OxyMask and Venturi mask in the delivery of supplemental oxygen:
    Pilot study in oxygen - dependant patients"
    JM Beecroft, PJ Hanly, Canadian Respiratory Journal
    July/August 2006, Volume 13, Number 5:247-252
  • "The OxyArmTM: A Supplemental Oxygen Delivery Device"
    James W. Futrell Jr., MD, and Jack L. Moore, MD
    Department of Anesthesiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles,
    California; Department of Anesthesiology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center,
    Bellflower, California
    Anesth Analg 2006; 102:491-4
  • "Reduction of motion sickness in prehospital trauma care"
    R. Fleischhackl, C. Dorner, T. Scheck, S. Fleischhackl, J. Hafez, A.Kober, P. Bertalanffy, K. Hoerauf
    Anaesthesia, 2003 pp373-377
  • "The OxyArmTM - a new, minimal contact oxygen delivery system for mouth or nose breathing"
    Elizabeth Ling, BSc MD FRCPC, Department of Anesthesia, McMaster University: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2002/49:3/pp297-301
  • "A comparison of the OxyArmTM - oxygen delivery device versus standard nasal cannulae in COPD patients"
    Tim Dinesen PhD, MBS; Respiratory Care Journal, Feb 2003
  • Numerical Simulation of the Flow and Concentration Fields of Oxygen Delivery Systems"
    H. Hangan, S. Bekele, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Vol 125, October 2003
  • "Both the OxyArmTM and Capnoxygen mask provide clinically useful capnographic monitoring capability in volunteers." James Paul BSc MD MSc FRCPC. * Elizabeth Ling BSc MD MSc FRCPC. *Julius Hajgato CET, Lee McDonald RN
  • "The OxyArmTM and OxyMaskTM From Southmedic, Inc.
    Paul Mathews PhD, RRT & Bethen L. Gregg PhD, RRT
    Focus Journal for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine Jan/Feb 2008
  • Oxygen and Helium Delivery Concentrations for the Southmedic OxyMask and a Non-Rebreather Mask with 80-20 Heliox as Measured at the Mouth.
    Date: January 25, 2008 - Protocol 08-0002. Dave Piper, PE; Piper Medical Product
  • The OxyMaskTM development and performance in healthy volunteers
    James E Paul, Horia Hangan, Julius Hajgato

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Keywords: Delivery System

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Breath rate, depth of breathing and distance of the diffuser from the face will affect performance.Actual flow rate required should be prescribed in conjunction with the use of a pulse oximeter. Proven to Deliver Effective Heliox Therapy.


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CO2 MODELSOC-2025 - Rate Trend Monitoring - box of 25OC-2025-8 - with tubing - Rate Trend Monitoring - box of 25. Open design allows communication between patient and caregiver. Rate Trend Monitoring model delivers O2 and measures CO2. Ideal for conscious sedation & post op oxygenation. OxyChin delivers 1 - 15 LPM with one device. Minimal contact oxygen delivery system.


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Case 25 deluxe adjustable headband, disposable arm with diffuser and 7' tubing. Case 25 - 7' oxygen tubing - Dual ear elastics. Pkg 25 - disposable arm (fits into OA-HB-1125. Case 25 - 14' oxygen tubing ETCO2. OxyPlus - 25% larger than OxyMask. OxyPlus - 25% larger OxyMask. Case 25 - Aerosol Mask.


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The OxyMask oxygen delivery system creates a higher concentration of oxygen within the mask, as opposed to the inefficiency of traditional blow-by systems. This Velocity Vortex of Oxygen molecules are directed to the mouth and nose area, by the precision angling of the Diffuser Cup. OxyMask's unique Diffuser system creates a Velocity Vortex of a high concentration of oxygen molecules. Static Simulation of Velocity Vortices Being Created.


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These Open Oxygen Systems have made a significant difference in how health care professionals deliver oxygen therapy from Critical Care Units to patients receiving home therapy. Southmedic Inc is renowned for innovative engineering of specialty healthcare products that delivers quality and effective therapy and improves on patient outcomes.


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Breath rate, depth of breathing and distance of the diffuser from the face will affect performance. Actual flow rate required should be prescribed in conjunction with the use of a pulse oximeter.