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By: Maximum Floor Safety  09-12-2011


Our slip resistant flooring products include a wide range of products. New innovative flooring techniques as well as flooring finishes. Our Flooring finishes are formulated to meet or exceed the minimum requirements for anti-slip properties as specified by the American Society for Testing, Canadian General Standards Board and Materials, the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association, The Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. General Services Administration, American Disabilities Act. 

Anti-Slip properties are measured as “Static Co-efficient of Friction”. These values are determined using a “James Machine” according to methods specified by the above mentioned associations and governing bodies. A minimum slip coefficient of 0.5 is regarded as being an acceptable value for floor coating. Our recommended products can work in conjunction with your current waxes. These products have been proven to reduce the number of waxes and strips per year. The floor coatings that we work with currently meet or exceed the OSHA recommendation of 0.5 SCOF. The above products are specifically designed to meet or exceed the ADA recommendation of 0.6 SCOF. TST – Thermal Safety Treatment

This revolutionary product significantly increases the gloss, hardness, and slip resistance of all acrylic polymer floor finishes. Using our program of coating with Cutting Edge sealer/finish, applying TST and cleaning with Maximum Safety Clear, your floors will maintain a safe, beautiful gloss for far longer than your current program. Floors treated with TST can experience a 50% or more increase in finish longevity

Maximum Safety Clean

Advanced surfactant and polymer technology has allowed the development of this specially formulated, one step, safety enhancing cleaner/maintainer. When used in a regular maintenance program Maximum Safety Clean helps restore the gloss of virtually any coating, on any type of floor surface. Most important, however, is its ability to assure a positive coefficient of friction and enhance the slip resistance properties of any surface it is applied to. Maximum Safety Clean can be applied with either a mop or automatic scrubber and will not cause a buildup with routine use. Maximum Safety Clean can be used on all types of resilient tile, terrazzo, marble, quarry stone, blue stone, Mexican tile, ceramic tile, concrete and sealed wood.

Continuous Traction

Continuous Traction is formulated to provide the cleaning and soil suspension properties necessary to effectively clean and maintain positive slip resistance characteristics in restaurant and food service areas, rest rooms, nursing homes, hospitals and light industrial manufacturing facilities, where food, protein-based soils, light oils, and dirt can cause slippery conditions. Extensive laboratory and field testing on various types of flooring, including resilient tile, ceramic and stone tile, sealed wood and concrete, has demonstrated this products ability to raise coefficient of friction readings beyond those required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the 0.6 SCOF required by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Grease Release

Grease Release offers a safe, yet effective alternative for cleaning and degreasing the stubborn protein based soils, commonly encountered in meat and food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, and food storage areas. Grease Release will readily dissolve animal fats, fish slime, meat residues, blood, oils and other protein based and hard to remove soils. Grease Release moderate foaming action effectively suspends soils, yet allows it's use in auto-scrubbers or pressure washers without overflowing recovery tanks or generating excess foam. Non-corrosive and biodegradable Grease Release provides the aggressive cleaning power needed in commercial food handling facilities.