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By: Investors Source  09-12-2011

Canada’s national reality, regardless of cultural upbringing or religious affiliation, is that many marriages today end in divorce. The older you are, and the longer you have been married, the likelier you are to stay together. However, it is not uncommon to see 35 year marriages fall apart once the kids move out and the common goals fade away.

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Accounting Services | Accountant | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

From balancing the family budget, acting as the CFO of the business or understanding the implications of tax efficient investing procedures, an ISWM Accounting affiliate must be educated in the basics of financial planning, tax strategies and investment procedures. Accounting is a mixed use term that can create basic benchmarks clients can use to compare the performance of their integrated services.


Life Insurance | Critical Illness & Disability Insurance | Segregated Funds | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

Our investment solutions are designed for each investor and come with a wide range of options, including income benefits that have traditionally been associated with annuities such as secure income and the protection of capital. At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance we offer products and relationships that create a solution for individuals that have varying risk-profiles.


Wealth Management | Financial Planner | Finacial Advisor | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

Should the financial plan require the services of licensed professionals in the securities industry, Investors Source Wealth Management Consultants will be pleased to work with the Client’s financial advisors, or assist the Client in establishing a relationship with preferred services providers.


Estate Planning and Tax Planning | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

Part of the Wealth Advisory Counsel mandate at Investors Source Wealth Management is to provide clients with the professionals that they need in order to create a cohesive tax and estate plan together. Estate planning is a multi-layered process that requires numerous documents to put into place to create a tax efficient environment in which to move assets to beneficiaries.


Wealth & Investment Management | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

Conventional Portfolio Managers are retained by mutual fund companies, insurance companies or banks, and independent Portfolio Managers will not entertain the idea of working with an individual or a family that does not meet a certain asset threshold.


Tax Deductable Mortgage Setup | Smith Manoeuvre | Toronto & Barrie Ontario

Creating the opportunity of being able to convert your mortgage from an interest loaded payment to one that utilizes a strategy that contributes to your overall wealth is a structure that Investors Source Wealth Management is proud to represent.