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By: Investors Source  09-12-2011
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At Investors Source Wealth Management, our consultants are life insurance licensed and can offer suitable protection for all stages of life. We also provide investment strategies utilizing segregated funds.

Whether it’s a “must do”, “should do” or a “nice to have” strategy, our representation covers national insurance carriers and their product line up.

Insurance isn’t just “life” coverage. It includes living benefits and investments. Here’s a quick overview:

Insurance Fundamentals

Term Insurance

Term insurance is life insurance and is purchased for a set number of years ie: 10 years, 20 years etc. Once the term is finished, the insurance disappears. Cheaper at the beginning, the costs to carry this type of insurance will be more expensive upon renewal because you are now that many years older.

Whole Life

Whole life is permanent insurance that can be purchased for the life of the person and the costs remain static.

Universal Life

Universal life is a hybrid product which contains an investment portion as well as providing lifetime coverage. This is highly utilized as a base component in a tax and estate plan.

Children’s Insurance

Children’s insurance is offered utilizing Term, Whole or Universal life. It is highly recommended to insure the life of your children when they are young and healthy. You never know what the future will hold.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a living benefit product that provides money if you become seriously ill. Covering a wide range of conditions from heart attacks to cancer, the proceeds can be used at the discretion of the family. From paying for foreign care to making mortgage payments, it’s your choice. Industry experts believe that the cost of this insurance will become more expensive in the future as our society ages and becomes ill.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance will cover you if you become disabled and can no longer work. This program is great for those that do not have group coverage through their employer.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance will rapidly become a staple for Canadian families. As our parents or we age, this policy will pay for elder care ranging from in-home nursing to living in a care facility.

Insurance Investments aka Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are the insurance industry’s answer to mutual funds. These products have many unique features such as guaranteeing one’s original investment principal on death to providing guaranteed income in retirement, regardless as to how the markets perform. Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Balance offerings are ideal investments for current or future retirees.

Insurance Investments: Segregated Funds + Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Balance

With the fluctuations investors have seen over the past decade and the impact of booms and subsequent busts in the global markets, being concerned is now common territory.

Having enough cash flow in retirement is a concern for individuals of all ages.

At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance we offer products and relationships that create a solution for individuals that have varying risk-profiles. If you are a conservative investor, we can help you gain the security you require on your assets. If you are an aggressive investor, our investment analytics are second to none. If you are a moderate investor, we can create a merged fusion of safety and growth.

Our investment solutions are designed for each investor and come with a wide range of options, including income benefits that have traditionally been associated with annuities such as secure income and the protection of capital. Many of our clients seek long-term growth potential and protection within their investments.

Peace of mind comes with market growth, regular income and a guarantee on your money and income for life.

Segregated fund investments are offered through Diamond Tree 1000 Insurance Agency Inc. or Investors Source Insurance Ltd.

Insurance Protection: Term, Whole Life, Universal Life

For many Canadians, determining what one needs in insurance coverage vs. what one believes that they can afford is often an ongoing conflict. At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance, we want to make the insurance discussion a positive experience, not an angst ridden, anxiety inducing one!

We often start by identifying the “need gap”. A need gap can be inadvertently be created if you purchase insurance based only on today’s needs. Instead, you need to look to the future of where you will be throughout your lifetime. For example, parents with small children need to ensure that post secondary education costs are covered should something happen to one income producing spouse or partner. However, once the children have graduated, that need is no longer there.

As we age, insurance protection needs change. Insurance planning is extensive used as a complimentary portion of an estate plan. Read our Top 10 Wealth Building Mistakes to understand the basics of why you need insurance today.

We often suggest a layered insurance strategy and here are the benefits:
  1. Less total overall cost
  2. Shorter payment period
  3. Better matching protection to needs
  4. Essentially eliminating a “need gap”
  5. Less expensive insurance provides the opportunity to contribute to a savings plan, make RRSP contributions, or to put funds towards protecting against future health challenges

Insurance strategies are unique to every individual and every family. The variety of considerations are extensive and a multi-disciplined insurance specialist, will put into place the program that will protect your family and your needs.

At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance, you may want to consider investigating our bundled insurance packages. These insurance strategies have been put into place to make navigating the insurance opportunities to be energizing.

  • Family Wealth Stability Structure™
  • Retirement Insure-Guard Structure™

Insurance protection is offered through Diamond Tree 1000 Insurance Agency Inc. or Investors Source Insurance Ltd.

Mortgage Insurance: Yikes!

Mortgage insurance from the get go, is a really bad idea. However, mortgage brokers or lenders alike, are mandated to offer it to. Encouraged by the banking institution or lender that they represent, many do not understand the financially damaging consequences of mortgage insurance or the disservice that they are presenting to their clients.

A major drawback to mortgage insurance is that the beneficiary is not provided with a choice about how to use the proceeds of the insurance. Having cash flow after a death is crucial.

Mortgage insurance is not usually underwritten. This means that if one medical issue was not disclosed or was overlooked, your coverage will disappear.

The third major downside is that mortgage insurance generally has a static premium. As a simple example, if you had a $200,000 mortgage and paid $80 a month for coverage, in a few years, when your mortgage was valued at $150,000, you would be paying $80 a month, but for $150,000 of coverage, not the original $200,000. Mortgage insurance tends to cost more for decreasing coverage. You pay more, to get less.

Take a look at our comparison chart to see how individual insurance surpasses mortgage insurance.


Individual Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Ownership You own it. The policy cannot be cancelled by any one but you. They control your coverage and they can cancel it at any time.
Payment Pays on death, if both insured, survivor insurance carries on. Pays on the first death only.
Amount You select any insurance amount. This amount stays the same over the life of the plan. The face amount of your mortgage is the only value. This amount decreases as the mortgage value decreases.
Portability Yes, it goes wherever you go. You do not have to reapply if you move or renew your mortgage. No, it remains at the mortgage company. A new mortgage, a new policy that is subject to your present health.
Beneficiary You appoint who will receive the insurance. The insurance goes directly to the mortgage.
Type of Plan You can choose term or permanent plans. The type of plan will be directed by your needs and objectives. Most companies offer only a decreasing term insurance. The insurance lowers in value but you pay the same premium.
Age Limits Policies are available to age 70 for term, terminating at 75, and age 85 for permanent, coverage for life. Policies are available to age 65, with plans terminating at 70.
Extras You may add riders to your plan to protect other important responsibilities, e.g. Children’s Riders, Waiver of Premium, Guaranteed Insurability. Limited benefits available.
Rates Your rate will vary depending on smoking or non-smoking status. Generally there is no difference between smoking and non-smoking.
Payments If you miss a payment, your agent will help you to provide solutions to keep your insurance valid and in force. Banks will usually only notify you once if you miss a mortgage payment. If you miss two in a row, they may terminate your coverage.
Assessments Complete underwriting is done at the beginning and the policy is issued based on today’s health. Limited underwriting in the beginning and complete underwriting upon death.See “Mortgage insurance: Not always a sure thing”
Experience Trained and experienced agents who deal in this service every day. Not licensed or trained in the insurance industry.

At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance we will provide you with a properly structured insurance plan that will pay your beneficiaries as you intended.

Insurance protection is offered through Diamond Tree 1000 Insurance Agency Inc. or Investors Source Insurance Ltd.

Living Benefits: Critical Illness, Disability Insurance

At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance, our team focuses on educating our clients in all aspects of their financial life. A major educational component is ensuring that our clients are literate about the coming impact of an aging population on our already burdened health care system.

We have all experienced long wait times in Doctor offices, walk-in clinics and the emergency room at the hospital. There are less beds and a greater need for care. Wait times are on the increase, and when your life is in jeopardy, you don’t want to wait.

The world is changing as boomers age. If you are willing to spend on health care procedure, the world will provide. Visit to see for yourself on what surgeries and treatments that you can buy. Canadians with money have options.

At Investors Source Wealth Management and Insurance, we have shown clients how to prepare themselves for an unexpected change in their own physical health. We encourage our clients to take an active role in keeping their finances as well as their lifestyle healthy. Visit and take the free Blood Pressure Action Plan to determine your risk levels.

Our protection strategies, such as the Retirement Insure Guard Structure™ and the Family Wealth Stability Structure™, ensure that clients will have the funds they need to pay for the care they desire.

Whether your desire is to obtain private care in Canada, wish to visit a highly reputable American hospital or clinic or visit another foreign country to pay for medical treatment needed to save your life, our programs will provide the money you need to get there.

Insurance protection is offered through Diamond Tree 1000 Insurance Agency Inc. or Investors Source Insurance Ltd.

We Save Middle Aged People From Their Parents: Long Term Care

Between the kids, your career, your partner and the odd bit of time to yourself, suddenly being faced with the responsibility of caring for an aged parent, is not a task that most adults relish.

With a major demographic shift on the horizon, more boomers are finding that they are forced to take time from work to help care for their parents. The stress load for all parties involved increases dramatically. No one wants to be faced with the task of bathing a parent, and the aged parent would prefer to hire assistance rather than have their son or daughter see them naked. These are the realities of life that many do not want to discuss.

To compound the issue, diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are on the increase in Canadians. Our aged loved ones are forgetting their keys, their bank account passwords and where all their money is. Once an individual is not able to make financial decisions, and if there isn’t a legal Power of Attorney in place granting you access, you as the adult child will begin the monstrous task of attempting to get the cooperation of all the various financial service providers that your parent is a client of. As a token warning, no one will be helpful and the claims of protecting the privacy rights of your parent will become nearly insurmountable obstacles to overcome.

Encouraging the boomers to take positive and aggressive action to put the plan in place with their parents BEFORE a crisis hits, is what we at Investors Source Wealth Management do.

How would you handle these situations?
  • Dad calls you up angry that the bank has stolen his money! Little do you know that he went to the bank where he closed an account 12 years ago.
  • Mom fell in the shower and injured herself. She’s better now, but you are concerned because she lives 3 hours from you and your closest siblings.
  • You joke that mom is “losing it” with your spouse. She keeps calling you up with the strangest requests.
  • Dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and he’s been given less than 6 months. Mom has never been involved in the finances and you don’t know what to do.
  • Your parents travel frequently and have the means to do so. They want to sell the house and move to a small condo. However, they want to keep the cottage for the “kids”. The cottage is in Muskoka, you live in Newmarket and your brother and his family are in the process of moving to Vancouver.
  • Your Aunt passed away nearly a year ago. As your Aunt’s Executor, your mom made the funeral arrangements, and is still finalizing the instructions of the Will while wrapping up the estate. Your Aunt wasn’t wealthy, but your parents are. You watched how much went to probate taxes and how little went to the charities, nieces and nephews. The workload for your mom was extensive, and as your parents Executor, you are concerned about their estate plan.

From providing you with long term care policies that will have the nurse come to bathe your parent or making a care facility affordable, to assisting with planning for the eventual death of a parent via our Financial Plan for the Terminally Ill ™ we are here to assist boomers and in saving them from their parents!

Insurance protection is offered through Diamond Tree 1000 Insurance Agency Inc. or Investors Source Insurance Ltd.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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