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By: Iboza  09-12-2011
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Hosting and Virtual Dedicated Colocation are commonly used terms, but what does it all mean? Shared hosting (Virtual Web Hosting) is the least expensive form of web hosting. Sure there are free hosts but they are free for a reason. Shared hosting is the most commonly used and most affordable way of getting your website on-line quickly. Essentially, you rent disk space on one of our powerful Dell PowerEdge web servers located in our data centre. Iboza.com offers various shared web hosting packages, ranging from basic to very extensive. We can provide all hosting services from registration of your domain name to hosting* of your website and e-mail for as little as $19.00* a month. Which hosting package is the most suitable for your company depends partly on the type of web applications you wish to run on your site and on the amount of services you'll need. In a shared hosting environment the responsibility to maintain and service the very expensive and complicated equipment and connections etc. is taken care of for you as part of your hosting fee.At Iboza all hosting is done on new, state-of-the-art Dell web servers deployed using the VM Ware platform. Virtualization of our web servers insures that not only is the client data backed up but the virtual machine/s are also replicated in the event of a hardware issue. This redundancy in physical and virtual servers lessen the impact of a hardware failure.

The data centre at PEER1 is a Tier 3 service, Iboza benefits from locating hardware in this best-of-breed facility by way of a 100% up-time guarantee. Security at the data centre is guaranteed by Card-Lock-Access to the building and the suite. Each suite is serviced by multiple connections onto the Internet backbone with delivery speeds up to 100mbs/sec. Power is redundant and the facility is protected from outage by on-site generators and new modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Locating our equipment in this data centre allows Iboza to offer your company access to first rate Internet services all day, everyday.
Virtual Dedicated Server: This type of hosting is generally needed when either processes, security of usage (load) dictates that a shared hosting package is no longer an option. Typically a dedicated hosting plan assumes the customer will managed their own server downstream from the firewall and data centre network, this is not always the case. With Virtual Dedicated Hosting the physical server is managed by staff at Iboza while the customer selects a preassemble Windows ® or Linux ® server. Our expert team will configure the physical hosting environment to accommodate and suit your needs.
The obvious benefits to operating a Virtual Dedicated Server are High Availability at a much lower Lower Cost and no need to worry about network connectivity, hardware costs or maintenance issues!

Host your virtual dedicated servers on our cloud infrastructure to dramatically increase security, availability and responsiveness.

Our VMware infrastructure is highly scalable and flexible. It is managed virtualized hosting solutions based on the VMware Infrastructure Enterprise. Our platform allows single physical servers to be partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines, each with its own operating system and set of applications to meet your needs. Do you have aging hardware and the added expense of maintaining costly infrastructure? Iboza can virtualize your existing servers and host them in our environment, no down-time swinging over and you have the added peace of mind that the equipment and facility issues will become a thing of the past.Additional benefits include: High availability: In addition to hosting fully isolated virtual machines, VMware Infrastructure includes VMware High Availability (HA), which automatically restarts a virtual machine affected by hardware failure on a different physical server, ensuring minimal downtime for end users. Resource optimization: Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), another component of VMware Infrastructure, load-balances virtual machines across the pool of physical servers, in order to accommodate increased customer demand while ensuring the stability of physical hardware. Scalability: Our VMware Infrastructure enables new capacity to be easily added and removed based on fluctuating needs. This is useful for customers that have seasonal increases in computing demand, such as during holiday or tax seasons, because they can increase computing resources without the time and expense required to provision new hardware. Serviceability: VMware VMotion technology enables non-disruptive migrations of virtual machines from one physical server to another, ensuring that hardware can be serviced without any service interruption.

Hosting Packages for Business

A hosting package to fit your business. Iboza's hosting environment offers reliability, redundancy and security. Hosting options are available from SOHO shared hosting, mail servers up to and including virtual dedicated colocation options for businesses with serious hosting needs.
  • SOHO
  • Business Shared Hosting
  • Mail Servers
  • Data Storage
  • SSL Hosting with dedicated IP for E-commerce
  • Back-up Solutions
  • VM Ware Virtual Dedicated Colocation
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