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By: Iboza  09-12-2011

Iboza Ltd. has designed and built numerous custom WCMSs for numerous businesses who had very specific needs. In some cases the clients goals included on-line product estimators, on-line accounting packages, specialized e-commerce and one-of cataloging systems; just to name a few. All of the applications have one thing in common - they were unique in their design, execution and purpose built to solve a business need on-line.

At Iboza we strongly feel that there are situations were there is no need to re-invent the wheel. There are customers who come to us with generic needs like content updating, self-management of links, uploading pictures etc. to the website. These can be handle very effectively by an Open Source WCM package like Joomla! ®. There are numerous off-the-shelf applications that do a very good job for a very reasonable investment in time and/or labour. Joomla! ® is just one example, there are many, Drupal, WordPress, PhPBB etc.
These applications are all very capable and in most cases very easy to install on the web server and extremely well thought-out and user friendly. Couple an Open Source package like this with a commercially available template and your business can get on-line quickly and inexpensively. Iboza is well versed in the installation, operation and securing of these applications.

We are a Joomla! ® friendly host. Ask us about the benefits of operating and hosting an Open Source Content Managed website with Iboza.

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