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By: Gshift Labs  09-12-2011
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Do SEO Better, Faster, Cheaper

Own your SEO data.

Control and protect your web presence and SEO data all in one place. Reduce the risk of storing your data outside of your company. gShift Labs is your SEO expert that will help you stay ahead of the evolving search landscape.

Automate & simplify SEO management.

Spend less time “figuring out” SEO. gShift Labs WPO simplifies SEO management with intelligent tasks that guide you how to optimize your web presence one step at a time. Automated SEO processes – tracking, measuring and reporting – allow you to focus on producing relevant, keyword-rich content that will deliver quality traffic to your website.

Control how potential customers find you online.

If the search engines can’t find your website, neither can prospective customers. gShift Labs WPO helps you get found by consumers where they are searching online, and helps you understand how they want to find you. By optimizing your web presence you ensure that however they’re spending time online, customers can find you.

Monitor the current rank of your keywords daily.

In gShift Labs WPO you can see the keywords that your best prospects are using to find you and the conversion rates on those keywords. With that knowledge you can monitor and tweak your SEO campaigns to rank high for the best keywords and phrases, drive quality traffic to the exact information that they’re searching for, and generate top quality leads organically.

Know what it takes to outrank your competitors.

Compare your current search position versus your competitors’ positions side by side, the keywords they rank for versus you, as well as monitor and compare your competitors’ backlinks. Discover keywords with high search but low competition – this represents a keyword gap where you can gain a competitive edge.

Track non-skewed organic rank results over time.

Obtain daily, un-skewed rank data for your best keywords across search engines. Isolate search results based on country and obtain timely insight into your web presence and organic search position in countries where you’re doing business. Track rankings over time to understand how search engine results differ based on location.

Measure the impact of social media on organic rank.

gShift Labs WPO looks beyond your website and takes your entire web presence into consideration when helping you manage your organic search strategy. Your blogs, social media presence and press releases are so important to your overall ranking, yet so difficult to control. gShift’s SEO software tracks trends in analytics so you can see if people are coming to your website because of your social media activities.

Build and manage a strong online reputation.

Create a social presence to establish positive relationships with potential customers. Publish relevant content that will help boost positive mentions with solid backlinks to confirm your relevance to the search engines. Track, measure and report the impact of your efforts with gShift Labs WPO.

Report on SEO whenever you want.

Abandon the frustrations of free SEO tools and cobbling together data from various sources. With gShift Labs WPO you can benchmark and track SEO results over time. Each completed SEO task is reviewed against your organic search position and analytics trending data to measure the impact of the action.

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