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By: Gofigurefitness  09-12-2011

The Gymstick (simply effective)
Gymstick is a revolutionary total body fitness tool that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, Gymstick delivers real results, real fast. Gymstick is non-impact and works all the groups which are used for balance and co-ordination. you can replicate any free weights exercise, including squats, presses, lunges, and curls, cleans snatches, etc. Packaged in their own carrying bag, Gymstick is ideal for travelers.Get Strong, get fit, have fun and look great!!!We will be carrying:

Light (green) - for rehabilitation workouts, exercise for the elderly (1-10kg, 2-22lbs)Medium (blue) - women, junior athletes (1-15kg,2-33lbs )Strong (black) - Fit women, men and young athletes (1-20kg, 2-44lbs),Extra Strong (silver) - men and athletes (1-25kg, 2-55lbs)

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