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In general, the longest-lasting tooth replacement is by use of a dental implant. When replacing a single tooth, titanium posts are placed into the actual bone where the missing tooth used to be, and a tooth is then attached to that post. If possible, implants are preferred because they don’t require any damage to other teeth (unlike bridges or most dentures), they prevent the bone around them from resorbing further (which happens when teeth are lost), and they allow easy flossing between teeth (unlike bridges where floss must be passed underneath, or dentures which must be removed).

Keywords: Dental, dentistry

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Endodontic Dental Services

Endodontics basically refers to root canals. When a tooth has had irreversible damage to the nerve, there are only two options: either the tooth has to be extracted, or an attempt can be made to save the tooth via a root canal.

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Restorative Dental Services

Not just fillings, these are services that we can provide for teeth in order to bring them back to original function and appearance.



This is a newer product available to the office, specifically targeted for people who are at higher risk of decay on the roots of the teeth.



Decay in the grooves of teeth is the most difficult type of decay to prevent, because it is due to simple food and bacterial packing deep into the grooves.


Dental hygiene

Traditionally referred to as “cleaning”, this involves the mechanical removal of surface plaque from your teeth, whether it is above or below the gums.