dCipher Computing - Activity Manager Pro

By: Dcipher Computing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fuel, vehicle maintenance

KPPro allows users to manage cardlock and bulk plant site. It has the ability to connect to sites via serial ports, modems or the Internet. It can also be integrated with other third party applications like Info Net's Fuel Commander or C Store. It can manage shared sites and co-mingled products.

The following is a list of some of the main features of KPPro:

  • Imports Phoenix data directly from the P4w.mdb file
  • Polls local and host transactions
  • Security restrictions can be set for access to accounts, sites and terminal modes actions
  • Exports and Terminal logs kept for six months
  • Integrates with Vehicle Maintenance to schedule maintenance based on odometer readings
  • Exports transaction in a variety of formats for backend processing
  • Invoices CardLock and Bulk Transaction
  • Supports customer discounts and through put allowances
  • Supports sharing Cardlock sites with other companies
  • Manages Bulk Plants with products owned by more than one company
  • Prints bill of lading for bulk fuel
  • Import card files from a variety of formats
  • Users can modify card imports before they are committed to the database
  • Users can re-price transactions
  • Mail Merge
  • Users can enter Manual Transactions
  • Backup and restores card files to the Fuel Site Controller
  • Automates prices changes and dip retrieval
  • Reconciles Bulk Plant Inventory
  • Produce Profit and Loss Statement for Bulk Plant
  • Shows average cost price of product in tanks
  • Profit Margin report
  • Fuel Site diagnostic reports

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Keywords: Fuel, vehicle maintenance