Annual Plants in Barrie, Ontario. Pansies and also offered by Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery

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Annual Plants in Barrie, Ontario. Pansies and also offered by Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery

Showcased Product of Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery. Barrie, Ontario.

Bradford Greenhouses , Garden Gallery in Barrie for annual plants

Annual Plants in Barrie from Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery

Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery in Barrie features the largest selection of perennials and annuals in the area.

Primulas are bursting with colour and make an excellent addition to any garden. Choose from pink, red, orange or yellow.

Primulas thrive in cooler areas with shade. Also known as primroses these bright colour plants are a low maintenance early spring blooming perennial.

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Fall is in season at Bradford Greenhouses!

Bradford Greenhouses in Barrie and Bradford , where Fall is in season

Pansies and violas are cold weather favourites. These miraculous spring annuals will do well even when there still is some concern for frost. At Bradford Greenhouses we grow all of our beautiful pansies. Come to our store today to see a beautiful display of these cheerful hardy plants.

Some general things to know about pansies:

Light: Full sun to part sun

Height: 6-9",

Bloom Period: Spring through Early Summer: They do not like the heat.

Late Summer through to Fall

Flowers: Several bright colours: ranging from yellow to a dark purple

Design tips: Ideal for edging or squeezing between rocks and pathways

Maintenance: Deadheading will encourage new growth

Spring Bulbs

Spring is the time to plant all of your summer bulbs. This week come in and see our beautiful spring bulb collection. Did you know that lilies , irises and hostas all begin from bulbs? These bulbs are planted in the early spring with the promise of beautiful plants in the summer.

If you're looking for plants that grown naturally in our area come in and see our wilderness collection. Bradford Greenhouses carries a variety of natural local plants and bulbs that thrive in the Barrie area. The beauty of selecting natural plants is that they are low maintenance.


How to Take Care of Orchids:
These deceptively delicate looking plants are relatively simple to take care, with some patience and basic understanding: anyone can take care of orchids.
Tips for Growing Successful Orchids:
1) They love humidity: in the dry winter months, add a dehumidifier
2) Avoid overwatering: water your orchid only when it dries out
3) Look at the leaves to understand the plant's needs
4) If you don't have enough natural light, florescent lights can simulate the ideal conditions
5) Almost any type of water will do, however, if you want your orchid to flourish use water processed through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water has most of the minerals removed from which will reduce the amount of residue that would remain on the orchids roots.
6) Avoid any toxins around your orchid, including smoking. Overtime, air pollutants will damage your orchid.
7) To avoid frostbite, move your orchid away from the window during the winter months.
How to Water your Orchid:
The majority of orchid varieties prefer to dry out in between watering. This being said, carefully monitor your orchid, before watering it. Orchids, like most plants, will be more successful if they are under-watered then if they are over-watered.
When you water your orchid, water the plant at its roots. Try to avoid any water touching the leaves, as they do not like to be wet. If the leaves do get wet, gently wipe them off with a piece of cotton.
Creating the Ideal Air Movement
The roots of orchids thrive from being aerated and there are some fairly simple tricks to give the orchid the natural aeration that it desires. Pots specifically designed for orchids, naturally allow the roots to breathe. These pots have holes on their sides, which allow the roots to escape into the external environment. To increase the aeration for your orchid, open the window or use a small fan, so that there is continual air flow by the orchid's roots.
Mimic the Tropics and Create a Natural Humid Environment
Orchids love naturally humid environments, particularly during their growing season. Thankfully, it is fairly simple to mimic this humid environment. Misting your orchid plant, placing a humidifier in the room or putting your orchids on trays with water and pebbles or gravel will help increase the humidity of your room. If you do place the orchids on trays, make sure that there is a barrier between the water and the plant itself. The intention of the tray is to increase the humidity in the room not to water the plant.

Orchids are exotic, beautiful plants that are as easy to maintain as any other flowering houseplant. With some basic tools, knowledge, and the right environment, anyone can learn the techniques on how to take care of their specific orchid. Enjoy each moment of bringing the tropics into your home environment.

Container Gardening

Colorful and Creative Container Gardens:

Are you aching to try out your creative juices, but are a little intimidated about tackling an entire garden? If so, a container planter is the perfect solution for you. Working with a much smaller palette, you can play with colour, texture and dimension: making your containers an extension of your personality.

The first step to container gardening is deciding on your planter. If you're really daring stray away from the typical pot and choose a container a little more abstract. I've seen items such as cowboy boots, cooking pots, toy boxes or even an old bathtub used as a container garden.

Whichever container you choose, just remember to add in some drainage and prepare your planter with a high quality potting soil. If you find that your containers dry out quickly, use a product such as patio planter soil which has a water retaining polymer.

When choosing your plants start with your focal point first. Your focal plant or thriller plant is typically taller than the other plants in the container. Some plant choices that add a WOW factor are: Red star dracaena, Purple fountain grass, Sunflowers, Hibiscus, Delphinium, and elephant ear.

Once your thriller is chosen, choose three to five complementary spiller plants. These are the plants that trail over giving dimension to your display. Add in some delicate bacopa, creeping jenny, lobelia, perennial sedum, or for something a little more exotic the tropical plant diplademia.

The last step for selecting plants is to fill in the empty spaces. When choosing filler plants select upright plants that are shorter than your focal point. Spice up your planter with some jalapeno pepper plants or oregano. Add a splash of colour with osteosperum or tie in your tropical look with a caladium.

It's now time to plant! Once planted add in slow release fertilizer to ensure beautiful growth all summer long and than sit back and admire your living work of art.

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