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Frequently Asked Questions « Ontario Bilkey ADHD Clinics

The first clinical description of ADHD was reported in the British journal, Lancet, by Dr. George Still in 1902. He was a British physician treating children who noticed some of his patients were disinhibited and impulsive.

In the 1930s in the United States, Dr. Charles Bradley made further observations on the effect of stimulant medication on children.

Since that time, the descriptive terms that have been used to identify ADHD people have reflected the current scientific understanding of the day as to what this condition represented biologically.

In the 1960s, the emphasis was primarily on hyperactivity and at that time a caricature of an ADHD child would have been “Dennis the Menace” – that is, a child with tremendous energy who could be seen, perhaps, as intrusive.

In spite of this impulsiveness, Dennis was always seen as a good child.

An important development occurred in the early 1970s when Canadian researcher Dr. Virginia Douglas began to focus on cognitive impulsivity, or the daydreaminess and lack of focus in addition to the outward manifestations of motor impulsivity, such as being fidgety.

Keywords: Adhd

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According to the 2006 National Comorbidity Survey, published in The American Journal of Psychiatry in April 2006, 38.3% of Adult ADHD patients also suffer from another mood disorder; 47.1% experience anxiety disorders; and over 15% are afflicted with substance abuse disorders.


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An assessment package can be sent to the patient prior to the first meeting with Dr. Bilkey, or the patient may receive this package from Sandra at their first visit to the clinic. If necessary, referrals can also be made to psychologists who can conduct psychoeducational evaluations, to addictions counsellors or to other psychiatric specialists.


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At the patient’s request, Dr. Bilkey will also forward recommendations to universities and colleges suggesting accommodations that will aid students in reaching their educational potential. Individuals seeking an assessment for ADHD are also welcome to contact the clinic and our staff will expedite setting up the assessment process and contacting the treating physician.