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By: Alure Sales  09-12-2011
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"Hi: Just got back from the West arm of Lake Nippising in Ontario. Stopped in a Canadian tire store  and bought one of your Lures just for the novelty of it I threw it a couple of times and caught one Pike, the person i was fishing with wanted to fishweed beds so I put it away and forgot about it, a day later my nephew wanted to borrow a lure,saw it and asked to use it, I let him and on his first cast he caught a pike, he then caught 6 in less than a hour while my son and I caught 1, next day our group went into town and bought more of your lures, we caught Pike, walleye and Bass and everyone who was using your lures were catching fish while the others were not, we had two die hards who would,nt use them  and finnaly they got smart a started using them too, anyhow it made a Great Fishing trip for my Nephew who loves to fish.  I had Bought 3 Lures and gave two away as Gifts.." -Paul Bates, Ohio

Catch more fish more often with Alure Strobe Lures.

Perfect swimming action combined with bright red flashes of light make fish instantly strike.

NO NEED TO CHARGE THIS UP WITH A FLASHLIGHT. The Alure Strobe Lure's flashing LED is always ready. Just put it in the water and watch it catch the fish.

Top pros will tell you that fish will strike when one of their reflex attack triggers are set off, and a flash of light is one of their most basic triggers. Predator fish think the lure is a live fish bleeding. They strike because they are programmed to attack injured prey.

Bait fish send off bright flashes that game fish find irresistible. Fish can’t help striking at Alure Strobes blood red flashes.

Alure Strobe Lures triggers instant attacks. All predators, because of the red flash. Fish any type of water fresh or salt, shallow or deep, day or night.

Alure Strobe Lures are the bright way to fish!

Each lure has over 1000 hours of flashing life, the light system is
only activated when in water when in motion and because of a sensitive motion switch it
flashes in time to the lures swimming action.  Catch more fish more often
when you put the red strobe flashes of Alure Strobe lures to work for you. 
Start catching more fish today, Alure Strobes are THE BRIGHT WAY TO FISH!

Keywords: Fish, Lures