ShenScapes World Vistas | Algonquin Park | Waterton Lake National Park

By: Shenscapes  09-12-2011

ShenScapes is a tool for relaxation and insight. It is a real-world landscape filmed in real-time. Each ShenScape transports you through sound and visual image to one of nature’s sacred sites.

For those who have visited these places, ShenScapes are a rich reminder. For those who have yet to travel there, ShenScapes capture the essence of place and time. For both, ShenScapes captures a precious moment of spiritual peace.Shen means spirit or presence. Traditionally, the shen lives in the heart and retires there to sleep at night. Landscape is the view of landfall on board a ship. Brought together, these two notions become ShenScapes – a window to a world apart from everyday consciousness. Here your spirit can wander as freely as the drifting clouds.

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