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By: Quiet Nature  09-12-2011

So, what is sustainable? What activities, pursuits, and developments meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? This really is an elusive question and an ambiguous word. We don’t completely know how much energy and resources we can use today while still leaving enough for those who will follow. What is ‘enough’, for how many, and at what level of consumption? Maybe a better term is ‘low impact’, ‘less demanding’, or even ‘resource sensitive’. Whatever the phrase one thing is clear, as North Americans we need to re-learn how to use less of nearly everything in our daily lives.

Here’s another forest and hedgerow invader to keep your eyes out for. Once it takes hold, removal and eradication are difficult. Spotting it early is your best bet, especially when undertaking a naturalization project.

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SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS – ‘GREEN’ COMPANY EXPANDS SERVICE OFFERINGSZero emission lawn and garden service to launch at KW Home & Garden Show. After years of research, pondering, and crunching numbers, the business finally decided to launch the electric service. A local business is making a difference for our Region’s air quality this season.


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An article from The Record describes Quiet Nature’s re-branding and transformation, highlighting the launch of its zero emission maintenance division. An article from The Record describes the early days for Quiet Nature and introduces the natural landscape concept to the area. Quiet Nature’s first green driveway installation is featured in the inaugural edition of ‘Green Living in Waterloo Region’.


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Building a rain garden into your landscape design is beneficial for many reasons: they improve water quality by filtering runoff; provide localized flood control by reducing the surge of water to urban creeks following a heavy rainfall; are aesthetically pleasing; and provide interesting planting opportunities.


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Quiet Nature wins prestigious Landscape Ontario Award for unique water feature project.