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By: Northern Industrial Fans  09-12-2011


The Air Handler Unit is the heart of the modular fan system. It is designed to deliver fresh outside make up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. Units are designed for indoor or outdoor applications, and are available in vertical or horizontal discharge configurations.

Packages are available in sizes up to 22,000 CFM, and external static pressures up to 2" W.G. Units have large doors on both sides to provide ample access to all internal components. Standard features include vibration isolation, high efficiency motors, and adjustable drive sheaves (belt drive units only). Units consist of a galvanized enclosure with a blower and motor. Belt drive units also include pulleys and belt(s). The blower module has a standard horizontal inlet designed to accommodate an outside air inlet hood with a standard 2" filters and screen.

To satisfy a variety of installation and climatic requirements, packages are available in a number of configurations. Possible configurations include the addition of either a v-bank or an evaporative cooler intake module and a direct fired or indirect fired heating module. All modules bolt together to form a rigid common base structure that mount onto a single curb structure or can be hung for indoor applications.


Vibration isolation.
High efficiency motors.
Compact weatherproof design.
Adjustable drive sheaves. (belt drive units only)
Horizontal or down discharge.
2" washable filters.
Inlet screen.
G90 galvanized steel.
Easy accessibility to all components for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.
Disconnect switch.
Lifting points.
Speed control standard on direct drive units.OPTIONS
Gravity intake damper.
Motorized intake damper.
Roof Curbs.
Wall Mount Kit.
Mixing Box with Damper Control.
DX Cooling Coils.
Hot Water/Steam Coils.
Indoor Hanging Cradle.
Insulated Housing.
Evaporative Cooler Intake.
VAV Packages.
Extra Set of V-Belts. (belt drive units only)

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