HC Matcon Inc. and HCM Contractors Inc. "Innovation in Foundations - shotcrete

By: Hc Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Excavation, Caisson Walls

Shotcrete shoring utilizes soil nails or soil anchors to develop a reinforced earth design, with a shotcrete spray that is all field applied. Steel reinforcing is reduced as compared to conventional shoring methods, such as soldier piles and lagging and caisson walls, so cost reduction is very real with this system.

HC Matcon Inc. is the first company in Ontario to produce shotcrete results to match the performance of Caisson walls next to buildings. The addition of vertical elements and design redundancy by HC Matcon has allowed for precision measurement of the horizontal movement control to as low as .25 of an inch on vertical excavation support of 35 Ft.

Another key benefit is that the system is thin. Typically, developers require as much room as possible for parking spaces, and the shotcrete system can work to 6 inches from property line, provided tieback permission is achieved for nails that go beyond property line.

The shotcrete shoring allows for immediate excavation of the site as no preliminary piling phase is needed. The reduction in large vertical drilling has reduced obstruction claims that traditional foundation contractors may be asking for on many sites with boulders or underground difficulties. Since the shoring is trimmed and advanced with an excavator, the obstruction removal is low cost.

The typical excavation sequence involves underpinning type panels that are done over several days. A typical 6 ft lift over a large site would take one week. A schedule approximation is then the height of the cut divided by 6, for weeks of duration.

Keywords: Caisson Walls, Excavation,

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HC Matcon Inc. and HCM Contractors Inc. "Innovation in Foundations - rock soil

The anchor, which may be called a mini pile in some situations, has been used by HCM for innovation retaining wall and/or underpinning situations. Pre loading can be accomplished by hydraulic jacks and testing programs often involve proof testing of all anchors on a site. The footing tie down anchor can be vertical of angled/battered to deliver a horizontal restraining benefit.


HC Matcon Inc. and HCM Contractors Inc. "Innovation in Foundations - footing tiedowns

Footing Tie Downs are needed when the vertical uplift of a building is requiring more than the self weight of the building to resist movement in the vertical direction. A drilled and grouted anchor can achieve high loads per Lineal Foot, particularly when rock is the sub strata for the anchoring. Wind loads and/or hydraulic loading will often be the design reason for footing tie downs.


HC Matcon Inc. and HCM Contractors Inc. "Innovation in Foundations - conventional

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