Revanesse - Redexis

By: Revanesse  09-12-2011

ReDexis® is a biodegradable, non animal-based, cross-linked HA gel with a unique ingredient – dextranomer beads – which gives it the ability to generate new tissue. These fully absorbable dextranomer beads create a scaffolding effect for collagen growth. The positive charge of the beads enables them to attract the body's own collagen and elastin which then bind together, providing natural augmentation which lasts even after the HA has been broken down. ReDexis® is safe, effective, and ideal for treating deep wrinkles and folds.

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Revanesse - Revanesse Pure

Revanesse® Pure does not act like a traditional filler that simply fills in wrinkles; it is quickly absorbed into the skin, replenishing HA that has been lost to ageing while hydrating the skin and restoring elasticity for firm, healthy looking skin. Revanesse® Pure is a biodegradable, non animal-based, non cross-linked, clear HA gel.


Revanesse - Revanesse Lips

The result of this special design is a filler which is easy to inject and mold after injection with fewer incidences of swelling. The unique and delicate properties of the lips require a specially formulated filler to ensure good post-injection results. Revanesse® Lips has been specifically engineered for lip augmentation and definition.