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Keywords: Bagpipes, Vintage Bagpipes

Bagpipes : Piping : Piping Services : Pipe Band Clinics : Wedding Bagpiper : Vintage Bagpipes

Piping Services

I will perform weddings, funerals, parties, pipings-in and other piping services on Highland pipes or smallpipes. Phone 905-726-4003 or email Workshop, Clinic, Performing and Judging Services
I offer recitals and workshop and teaching services on virtually any topic involving piping, pipe bands, smallpipes, judging and more. Here is a partial workshop topic list: Workshop Fees:
$750 Cdn/day, plus expenses, negotiable, depending on requirements, travel time. I find these sessions very rewarding for all parties, especially the Pipe Major, with whom I work very closely during these clinics. My job is not to come in and run your band for a weekend or to upstage your Pipe Major; it is to come in and help your leaders learn how to bring their bands along more effectively. Pipe Band Clinic Fees: $750 Cdn/day plus expenses, negotiable depending on requirements, travel time. Suggested Full Weekend Band Clinic Agenda
Friday evening: dinner with P/M, lead drummer to discuss of requirements and concerns.
Saturday 9-10am: observe band’s tuning and practice routine
Saturday, 10-12 noon: hands-on tuning and bagpipe workshop, working with reeds, tuning meters, blowing, setting up the band
Saturday, 1-2:30: practice chanter work on technical, musical and unison issues, chanters and pads with drummers
Saturday, 3-4:30: pipes and drums ensemble and unison work, blowing, tuning, medley and drum score adjustments
Sunday, 9-12: more of the above, or individual lessons with soloistsCost for this session: $1200 Cdn plus expenses. Private teaching sessions can be arranged by appointment for individuals or groups at my location or yours. Affordable accommodation is available near my home. Scheduling depends on my availability.
Fee: $65 Cdn/hour I have judged all levels and branches of solo piping and pipe bands for over 25 years and bring a balanced perspective, sound judgement, broad and current experience and articulate scoresheets to the events I work. I am a senior member of the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario adjudicating panel and am graded as a Senior Judge in both Piobaireachd and Light Music for both the Piobaireachd Society and Scotland’s Joint Committee for Judging. I am also on the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association's Panel of Adjudicators.Fee: standard daily judging fee plus expenses, plus travel allowance for travel days. I will perform full length (two 45-minute halves) or half-length (30-45 minute) recitals on or or all of the above. Recital fees vary according to requirements or instruments played, from $350 Cdn (half length) to $650 Cdn (full length). or call me to discuss your requirements. I will perform in Highland dress if required, but prefer dressy-casual attire.

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Keywords: Bagpipes, Vintage Bagpipes