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By: Nexstar Lighting  09-12-2011
Keywords: light fixtures, incentive programs, Lighting System

Nexstar can provide engineering services to conduct full building energy assessments in support of government incentive programs

You can’t just assume the role of an industry leader, you have to earn it. And to get to that point you have  to provide relevant services that offer real value. Nexstar customers appreciate the value of these services and have expressed their appreciation through their ongoing support and glowing testimonials. Most of the Nexstar’s services listed below are included in all turnkey retrofit projects and are also available à la carte.

Nexstar can provide engineering services to conduct full building energy assessments in support of government incentive programs.

The first step in understanding your potential energy savings begins with an audit of your existing lighting environment. As simple as counting light fixtures sounds, many facilities have complex layouts and a wide assortment of fixture types, making this seemingly simple task somewhat challenging.

Our experience has proven that replacing an existing fixture with an energy efficient fixture on a one-for-one basis is not going to yield the maximum savings. This is where skilled lighting designers earn their keep. By utilizing advanced products such as Starburst Luminaire fixtures, induction/CFL retrofit kits, motion sensors, photocell sensors, and other tricks of the trade, a professionally designed lighting system can often increase savings up to 20%.

Having an active (P.Eng) engineer with over 20-years experience in energy savings as a partner in Nexstar has provided our customers with tremendous advantages. If there’s a better way to enhance the overall lighting environment, and/or reduce operating costs, Nexstar’s engineer will find it!

Anyone that’s dealt with government forms and applications will appreciate Nexstar’s incentive processing services. Whether your project qualifies as a “Prescriptive” or “Custom” incentive, our experience in this area removes the considerable time requirements and inconvenience. We work on your behalf, acting as the primary contact during the entire process. Added bonus: Our experience and personal contacts with the various program providers has proven to be a very valuable resource to ensure our customers get the maximum rebates.

Installing new light fixtures, or retrofitting existing fixtures, is not a complicated project from an electrician’s point of view. It’s typically a straightforward installation. However… getting the project done as quickly as possible, with as little disruption to the business, at the lowest cost, is where the value of having specialized professionals onboard comes into play.

When capital expenditures are not in the budget, financing your project through leasing allows you to capture cost savings today by using someone else’s money. Most financed projects still save our customers thousands of dollars per month – with financing included! That’s one of the bright lights in energy efficient lighting – sorry… but it’s true. For many projects, the new reduced energy cost, together with the cost to finance the project, is still lower than your current bill!

Let the pros at Nexstar engineer your ultimate lighting environment so you can focus on what to do with all the money you’re going to be saving!

Keywords: incentive programs, light fixtures, Lighting System

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Save on Energy – Energy Efficient Lighting

At Nexstar Lighting the basic tools of our trade are energy efficient lighting, lighting controls, and provincial incentive programs such as Ontario’s save-ON-energy program. It all starts with an energy efficient lighting system together with a complementary lighting audit. Nexstar’s lighting professionals match the most cost effective lighting system to your environment.