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By: Nexstar Lighting  09-12-2011
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At Nexstar Lighting the basic tools of our trade are energy efficient lighting, lighting controls, and provincial incentive programs such as Ontario’s save-ON-energy program. Armed with these three tools we are able to cut your energy (lighting) costs in half – and get the provincial government to pick up as much as half the cost! Our mission is simple: minimize your energy load; maximize your financial incentive; thereby saving you fifty percent or more on your utility bills for lighting.

It all starts with an energy efficient lighting system together with a complementary lighting audit. This is where we lower your energy costs. For example, a typical industrial lighting or commercial lighting retrofit replaces a 400-watt metal halide that has a total load of 455 watts, with a 4-lamp T5 fluorescent fixture with a total load of 214 watts, resulting in a savings per fixture of 235 watts – or 55%. And with lighting controls such as motion sensors and/or photocells, we can often take savings up an additional 50-percent!

The most common energy efficient light fixtures for commercial lighting include T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, induction lighting, LED lighting, and electronic HID lighting. Nexstar’s lighting professionals match the most cost effective lighting system to your environment. Our in-house engineer understands the cost/benefits of all lighting systems and controls and has been designing the most energy efficient lighting systems for over 20-years.

Thanks to incentive programs such as the Ontario save-ON-energy program that funds up to 50% of your lighting retrofit, there has never been a better time to invest in energy efficient lighting. Our customers are saving on average over $5,000.00 per month. Typical paybacks are under 1.5-years, with average return-on-investments (ROI) of 75+%.

Why not let the Nexstar team get you the necessary information to analyze your savings opportunity? Our turnkey services include a complementary lighting analysis that shows your energy savings, cost savings, government incentive support, and total installation cost with no extras.


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Keywords: Commercial lighting, Efficient Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting, Fluorescent Lamps, incentive programs, light fixtures, Lighting, Lighting System

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However… getting the project done as quickly as possible, with as little disruption to the business, at the lowest cost, is where the value of having specialized professionals onboard comes into play. As simple as counting light fixtures sounds, many facilities have complex layouts and a wide assortment of fixture types, making this seemingly simple task somewhat challenging.