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By: General Conveyor  09-12-2011

GCCL is committed to providing the most cost effective, efficient and “innovative solution in motion” to our customers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and sterilization industries.

In addition to developing and improving our own products, we are continually researching the latest complimentary technology of other providers. By partnering with the owners and developers of this technology, we can deliver on our promise of the best possible solution for the customer.

Note: Some guards or components may have been temporarily removed for illustrative purposes only. All equipment guards, protective devices and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine.

"Easy Conveyors is a top flight producer of conveyor systems such as belt conveyors, mat top conveyors and roller conveyors."

"The Easy Conveyors' concept is based on long experience in the development, production and implementation of product transport systems. We have combined this know-how and expertise in our enterprise aimed at enabling clients in all major industrialized countries to reap the benefits."

"The premise continues to be that the production lines must be of modular design so that the best production results can be achieved. Besides this, during the design stage we did not lose sight of the production-practical aspects. We have therefore been able to combine advanced technique with efficient production methods. The benefits to you are obvious: you profit from clever products at sharp prices."

"With over 10,000 robotic palletizers installed worldwide, Fuji Robotics is unmatched in 'palletizing' technology. Experience, sharp focus, and dedication to the palletizing industry have enabled Fuji Robotics to provide the best possible solution to your palletizing needs."

"Concerns about the natural state of our planet have never been higher. Some manufacturers have not yet recognized the role that robotics can play in energy conservation. Robots make the palletizing process more efficient and we think smart players in the industry will adapt this reality sooner than later. With all this in mind, Fuji offers energy conscious robots - EC series. Think Green."

Gencon Fabrication Inc. is a metal fabricator specializing in the manufacture and supply of unique metal component solutions for local OEM industries.

"Making it right."

"Hytrol is a major manufacturer of conveyors, conveying systems, and conveyor accessories. Since its beginnings in 1947, Hytrol has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of conveyors and conveying hardware in the world. In addition, Hytrol operates a fully-developed conveyor stockyard adjacent to the plant in Jonesboro.. Hytrol ships stock products from the stockyard within 24 hours.. Over 50 conveyor models are included in more than 2,400 sizes."

General Conveyor Inc. is a member of Bosch Rexroth's "VarioFlow

PRO System Designer and Builder Network". This network of highly qualified integrators is an exclusive source of VarioFlow modular conveyor systems for the packaging, medical, assembly and material handling markets.

"SpanTech supplies conveyor systems to many companies around the world. Our systems are used primarily for food production, where we have extensive experience in many segments of the industry. We also have in-depth knowledge in segments of the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. It is our hope that our unique systems can help fulfill your conveyor and transfer needs."

"TGW-Ermanco is an integrated logistics solutions provider for both large and small companies in industries where manufacturing and distribution are key to the success of the supply chain. Our expertise is the planning, design, implementation, and lifetime service of integrated logistics solutions."

"Our mission is to become the world's leading supplier of engineered fuels, conversion systems and encapsulation technology to energy users, creating the world's most cost effective, repeatable and sustainable waste to energy model."

"Zero Waste Energy Systems provides our customers with a wide variety of profitable environmental solutions for waste to energy production. Continuing improvements to the collection and sorting of 'clean' biomass is creating an ever increasing source of useable energy. Significant advancements in biomass technologies allow users to select the most cost effective solution to resolve practically any waste reduction challenge. 'Energy from Biomass', is the result of deploying these technologies into customer specific applications."

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General Conveyor Co. Ltd. - Products - conveyor SCT

This streamlined, hygienic design can be cleaned with less water and chemicals than conventional conveyors, further maximizing uptime and profitability. All equipment guards, protective devices and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine. The cantilevered bed with a flip-up tail allows the belt to be easily removed using virtually tool-less procedures.


General Conveyor Co. Ltd. - Products - machinery depall

In addition to designing, manufacturing or sourcing components, we can provide any level of automation and integration necessary, as well as service existing equipment. Our single post magnetic head depalletizer is used for automatic bulk depalletizing of metal, plastic or glass containers and packages. GCCL offers a variety of components that can be uniquely configured for specific depalletizing applications.


General Conveyor Co. Ltd. - Products - machinery pall

The Series 30 palletizer features a single post lift design giving the unit a small footprint while maintaining throughputs over 20 cases/min. Optional empty pallet dispensers, slip sheet or tier sheet dispensers. Low or high level infeed metering conveyors. Optional full load discharge conveyors. Tray and bale palletizing applications. A/B PLC with operator interface panel.


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When a defective part is replaced, you can be sure that the replacement part will enhance the life expectancy of all associated parts. General Conveyor replacement parts are designed with tolerances to eliminate stress on associated parts.


General Conveyor Co. Ltd. - Products - systems controls

From simple relay panels to complex technology such as HMI's, PLC's and VFD's, our Controls department can provide the most efficient solution possible. For systems that are capable of remote access, we offer system monitoring and trouble-shooting to reduce down time and service calls. We also offer safety upgrades, spare part replacement, integration support and 24-hour field service.