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By: Bill Holland  09-12-2011

Business Development
We work with private enterprise to drive long-term strategic growth via external opportunities in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, distributorships and strategic alliances. We do so by working with owners and their investors, recommending and executing business development opportunities. Strategic Planning
We facilitate the assessment, development and implementation of ideas that create substantial value for shareholders and customers in private enterprise. We typically do this by acting as the lead facilitator, project manager, resource coordinator, and generator of alignment among members of the client's leadership team. Lean Manufacturing
We develop supply chain management solutions for private enterprise that reduce delivery and production times, streamline information flow between the organization and its customers, and quicken product development cycles. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost to manage the business while building world class performance capability.

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At the outset of a project, they take the time to understand the client?s business and talent requirements to ensure they engage in a targeted search for the right person. Not only does an executive search consultant have an objective view, they also have access to top talent that cannot be reached using basic corporate recruiting methods.