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By: Happy Hound  09-12-2011
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This program is designed to begin your journey with the newest member of your pack.

This program is intended to strengthen your bond with your dog and ensure pack leadership.

This program is designed to help you teach your dog the rules of the house.

This program is intended to "remind" your canine friend all the basic skills needed and to use on a daily basis.

Off leash training and teach your dog hand signals and voice commands close to you and then advance to distance training off leash.

Would you like your dog to be mentally tired at the end of your day while you watch a movie, sunset or enjoy some quiet time with them?

Do you feel bad for leaving your dog every day? Is your dog barking when you leave the house?

Do you have a dog who is barking, lunging, jumping and completely out of control when the doorbell rings?

Is your dog pulling you down the street? Are you enjoying your walks with your four legged friend?

Would you like to master the sit command? How many things can your dog not do if they are sitting?

Is your dog ignoring you when you call their name? Are they embarrassing to take to the dog park?

Would you like your dog to focus on you and pay attention to you instead of other dogs, people, skateboards, bikes, strollers or other distractions?

This program is designed to regain pack leadership in your home! Do you feel that your dog is taking over your house?

Are you tired of cleaning up little messes around the house?

Is your dog chewing on your socks, underwear, shoes or other articles of clothing?

Keywords: dog