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By: Dewmont Equestrian Center  09-12-2011
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we do not allow dogs on the property. we ask you to keep them at home.

We offer daily turnout in either group (mares or geldings only) pasture, or in smaller paddocks suitable for one or two horses together. Dewmont Equestrian Center is able to offer a sand paddock, a recovery paddock and depending on availability full or half-day turnout in the smaller paddocks.

Horses are routinely checked over before turn out and when they are brought in. If there are any injuries, we make sure they are taken care of by our knowledgeable staff. As part of our service, blankets, fly masks, fly sprays and boots are put on and are taken off. In the evening we will blanket your horse depending on the weather. If your horse comes in muddy or sweaty, we will groom or shower them depending on what is required.

Our feed program is one of the best, offering three feeds a day (indoor board only) using the best products known for their consistency and quality. We offer daily vitamins, minerals, bran, yeast and beet pulp to round out your horses extra requirements or you may provide your own. Our barn manager will be happy to discuss the best solution to ensure proper nutrition for your horse on an ongoing basis. We ensure our hay is of good quality and is wetted/soaked before feeding. It is given at least three times per day and as much as may be required.

Boarding stalls now available!

INDOOR (full service) BOARD
$700.00 per month*


$365.00 per month*


- Not offered at this time

* HST included

**Your coach or trainer is welcome to assist you at Dewmont. Other coaches/trainers are welcome to assist clients at Dewmont. Dewmont also has other talented riders who offer horse exercising, training and backing.

No ship-ins for training/lessons.


These services are at an extra cost to the owner of the horse. All of the listed services must be discussed beforehand with the staff member and are an agreement between you and the Dewmont Equestrian Center employee.

Extra Medical Care - i.e. bandaging, cold hosing, hand walking, application of medications (Dewmont Equestrian Center does not provide medication/medicines. The owner is responsible to provide what is necessary for the staff member to do the job properly).

Supplementary Feed - all supplements or feeds which are not provided by our feed program must be provided by the owner at their expense. We will make sure they are given to your horse as required.

Show Preparation - Horse grooming, trimming, bathing and braiding are services which the staff can provide. Services to be negotiated.

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Keywords: Equestrian Center, Horse, medications