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By: Nk Canada  09-12-2011

This past year, NK Brand introduced 17 new corn hybrids featuring NK Brand Agrisure traits - the largest release of new products in our long history.

Product Name CHU Feature
2250 Dependable Yields with Excellent Grain Quality
2250 Consistent Performance Across Different Environments and Seasons
2400 Great Yield Potential for this Maturity
2475 High Yields with Excellent Drydown
2500 Expect Big Yields with Excellent Grain Quality
2575 Yield Punch Supported by Excellent Stress Tolerance
2575 Consistent Yields with High Test Weight
2625 Outstanding yield performance with improved test weight.
2650 Genetic diversity with broad adaptation.
2675 Broadly Adapted Genetics with High Yield Potential
2675 Broadly adapted with outstanding stalk strength.
2700 Strong emergence for a fast start.
2700 Proven Leader for the North
2725 Consistently High Yields and Strong Stalks
2800 Consistent Top-end Yields
2825 Industry Leading Yield with Broad Adaptaion
2900 Excellent Emergence for Early Planting
2875 Excellent Yield Performance in Productive Environments
2900 Solid Agronomics with Broad Adaptability Across Soil Types
2950 High Yielding Hybrid with Good Agronomics
2975 High Performing Hybrid with Strong Yields Across Many Environments
3050 Exciting Yield Levels from this Broadly Adapted Hybrid
3100 Broadly Adapted Hybrid with Heavy Test Weight Grain
3125 Excellent Yield Potential with Good Drydown
3375 Excellent performance as a full season hybrid north of zone
3150 Excellent Top-end Yield with Strong Agronomics
3225 Complete Agronomic Package Makes this a Top Choice for Continuous Corn Acres
3275 Elite Genetics with Solid Agronomics for Superior Yield Performance
3325 High-yielding Genetics that Perform on Your Best Acres
3425 Widely Adapted with Consistent Performance Over Many Environments