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By: All Treat  09-12-2011
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This Spring, Watch for These New Products

From All Treat Farms that contain premium pelletized compost made specifcally for lawns. They are easy to apply with a rotary lawn spreader.

To improve the condition of lawn soil, apply twice a year. This adds a significant amount of organic matter to lawn soil, and improves soil microbial activity. Made with compost derived from leaves & yard clippings, it is especially effective for new housing developments where top soil has been stripped away. Use as part of a complete healthy lawns program with All Treat Lawn Top Dressing with 10-0-6 fertilizer or All Treat
Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-7.

This unique blend of pure leaf & yard compost with nitrogen & potash fertilizer allows you to top dress and fertilize your lawn in 1 step! Earth worms use decayed organic matter from compost as a food source and excrete worm castings which are rich in plant nutrients. The phosphate-free fertilizer component supplies immediate nutritional benefit to the lawn for improved greening and growth. Use as part of a complete healthy lawns program with All Treat Naturals™ Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing or Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-7.

This compost-based fertilizer is made with premium compost derived from leaf & yard clippings from residential curbside collection and blended with 50% slow release nitrogen, potash fertilizer and iron. This phosphate-free formula will provide your lawn with plant food for improved growth and greening for up to two months. Because a beautiful lawn begins with healthy soil,
use as part of a complete healthy lawns program with
All Treat Farms Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing.

Keywords: Compost, Farms, Fertilizer, Lawn, Organic Matter, Pelletized Compost