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By: Triodetic  09-12-2011

HYPARS are structural shapes curved in two directions as Hyperbolic Parabola. They form part of a family of single layer shell structures (or double curved lattices) that cover long spans with a light-weight structural network, acting in tension or compression. The closely spaced tubes directly support cladding without the need for intermediate or secondary trusses. This results in a visually appealing roof profile, a very shallow roof depth & lower cost due to reduced material mass. Hypar roofs can be designed & built to any elevation or plan geometry and multiple structures can be combined to achieve a ribbon-like appearance. The edges of each Hypar are restrained & foundations are designed to resist thrust & overturning movement under all service conditions. Hypars also provide the aesthetics of tensile fabric structures, but with the added structural integrity needed in regions subject to hurricane or snow loads.

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Triodetic - Spaceframes - Space Frame Designs - Domes

Triodetic domes can be provided with elongation, asymmetry, door & conveyor openings, & can be designed to accommodate concentrated & unbalanced loadings in any locations around the world. Componentized modular frame systems allow minimum material mass because the frame elements are optimized to match the stresses that apply in each discrete structure location.


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Spheres are a visually attractive, structurally efficient & an often found application in Theme Parks, Theatres, Religious Buildings, Malls, Building features & Signage. Structural design assumes loads are transferred axially through the shell which results in very efficient design-lighter structural members & less load on foundations.


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This technology creates affordable uniqueness for entrance canopies, luxury homes, museums, theme parks & any building where visual impact is desired. Curvature often allows more efficient structural behaviour that results in economies in the frame mass & foundations.


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Overall structure curvature & member sizes must be designed to resist buckling & to restrain surface discontinuities, however these structures can be very economical & fast to construct. This results in less structure mass than linear designs and by controlling the angle of the structure wall at its base, footing reactions can be minimized.