Pillar5 Pharma Inc - manufacturing capabilities

By: Pillar5 Pharma  09-12-2011

Blending - ATS400


  • Two 40 cubic foot V blenders
  • 10 cubic foot V blender
  • 5 cubic foot blender
  • Portable V-blender with capacity of 0.25 to 1 cubic foot
  • Various milling and sifting equipment

Fluid Bed Drying

Blending - PK40 - Gral600

High and Low Shear Granulation

  • High Shear -  Gral 600
  • Low Shear – Hobart Mixer

Roller Compaction

  • Fitzpatrick IR4X10D roller compactor with PLC feedback


  • Fette 2090 36 station rotary tablet press
  • Fette 2100 36 station rotary tablet press
  • Fette 1200 24 station rotary tablet press
  • Korsch PH250 30 station rotary tablet press

All compression lines are equipped with metal detection and tablet dedusters.

Tablet - Fette 2090


  • MG 120 48 station rotary encapsulator

The encapsulator is equipped with Mocon weight verification system, metal detection and capsule polishing equipment.

Tablet Coating

  • 48″ Acella Cota Coating pan
  • Quadro Y-ron liquid mixer

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Other products and services from Pillar5 Pharma


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - packaging capabilities

Semi – automated hand packaging line designed for complex/special presentations requiring semi-manual or manual operations. Kalix cartonner utilized for automated cartonning operations capable and fitted with multiple component feeders. Labeling equipment has electronic vision system to monitor all critical aspects of labeling. Capable of printing foil online foil with vision system. Capable of processing PVC/Alu or Alu/Alu presentation.


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - gatewaycanada

Increased Revenue – Canada is top 10 pharmaceutical market· Avoid fixed costs associated with internal capacity· Facility with a 50+ year history of manufacturing for the Canadian market· Backup site for the US and potential site for future launch into EU markets. GatewayCanada is Pillar5 Pharma’s program designed to help clients manage the complexity of launching products into the Canadian pharmaceutical market.


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - services in support of manufacturing

Visual management tools implemented in various areas of site including. Created 3 value stream maps with corresponding future state maps. Qualification of alternative raw materials. Trained YB, GB, and BB personnel.


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - aseptic capabilities

This line is equipped with bottle unscramble, orientating equipment, banding, 2 sided labeling, insert and cartonning, case packer and shipper labeling. Bottles are filled into brightstock to await environmental results prior to final packaging. This line is equipped with a vision system to monitor all critical aspects of packaging. Packaging Capacity: 70 000 bottles/shift. Compounding Area – Class C environment.


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - analytical and microbiological testing services

Report writing and data compilation for technical progress reporting, GMP reviews and for submission-ready regulatory reports and modules. Stability testing required to support finished packaged and bulk product stability programs. Cleaning validation testing, including residual recovery studies for API’s and detergents. A fully functional microbiology laboratory certified for biosafety containment Level II.


Pillar5 Pharma Inc - formulation and process development services

Furthermore, after the formulation and process development activities are completed, we will stay on the project, as required, through technology transfer and commercial process validation while you validate and implement the process in the commercial manufacturing facility of choice.