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By: Telequest Communications  09-12-2011
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Products and Services
TeleQuest is an Integrated Telecommunications Service Provider offering Prepaid phone cards, 1 + services, long-distance carrier services and Point Of Sale services. Our products are designed for both the residential consumer and small business markets. For your home or your business, we have long distance plans and services that fit your budget. Distributor Management Software
We're committed to your success. As a TeleQuest distributor, you have full access to our proprietary phone card management software. Via the Internet you can track every single card or PIN to know exactly what inventory your sub-distributors or retail locations have consumed. You can assign PINs, batches and orders to your distributors, you can control their uses and have instant report on activation, assignment and consumption.

Keywords: Card Management, management software, Phone Card, Phone Cards, Prepaid Phone, Residential Consumer,

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TeleQuest - Products [Direct Access (ifone

Telemax Global network does the rest for you with least cost call routing, dedicated connections to many countries around the world and committed customer service staff. By dialing a designated number (local access number), you gain instant given access to our long distance services and excellent rates for great long distance savings.


TeleQuest - Products [Prepaid Phone Card

TeleQuest provides US and Canada toll free access, Canadian local access and international origination to call virtually anywhere in the world. TeleQuest as a Service Bureau supports prepaid phone card applications using our least cost routing capabilities. Hybrid applications may require direct connection for access and TeleQuest Least Cost Routing for termination.


TeleQuest - Products [Promotional Phone Card

Providing a unique promotional vehicle for product purchase inducement, brand recognition or product top of mind awareness demands the availability of goods and services, which have innovative and high-perceived value. The front of the card can be customized to reflect the corporate sponsor or the product with which it is to be associated. TeleQuest can deliver such effectiveness through the use of prepaid phone cards.


TeleQuest - Products [Custom Programs

T eleQuest can help you create your own private-label program, build the rate deck, create the card image, print cards, and get you in a position to protect your distribution. Tired of building a brand only to find out that every other retailer in town is buying direct from your supplier. Tired of buying through two or three layers of sub-distributors. Maybe you just w ant better discounts or more minutes.


TeleQuest - Products [VoIP

Least Cost Routing functionality determines the method by which the call is routed based on the destination of the call. TeleQuest offers worldwide VoIP call termination with competitive rates.