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By: Datazinc  09-12-2011
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Minitab is an accurate, powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that gives you the power to make information-driven decisions. Minitab includes a comprehensive toolset you need to implement four key steps of a Six Sigma project: Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Minitab all-in-one statistical and graphical analysis software package comes with on-line tutorials, help-menu, full documentation and is backed by an exceptional technical support and customer service team.


Simul8 Standard is an integrated environment for working with simulation models. The powerful language and model visualization capabilities enable you to create the accurate, flexible and robust simulations you need in less time. Simul8 is used in most Six Sigma process improvement initiatives.

Simul8 comes with everything you need to start building simulations straight away. The context sensitive Help make it easy to find answers to questions about Simul8 features. You can get simulation help from Simul8's unique simulation assistant.

Remaining competitive in today's global economy means delivering higher quality services and products at better prices. Your customers (and your bottom line) demand continuous improvement, lower costs and shorter delivery times. Simul8 Corporation provides you with a tool that helps you tighten up your processes to meet those demands. Out-deliver your competition by using Simul8 to plan, model, validate, and communicate better ways of getting the job done

Oracle's Crystal Ball®

Since 1986, Oracle's Crystal Ball (formerly Decisioneering, Inc.) has been providing decision analysis software and solutions that empower individuals and organizations to make better decisions. Since then, Crystal Ball has continued to change the way that analysts, engineers, managers and other professionals make critical business decisions. With its innovative charts, reports and simulation technology, Crystal Ball helps all levels of spreadsheet modelers calculate and clearly communicate the certainty of a desired outcome. Major industries that have adopted Crystal Ball include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, and chemicals for such diverse applications as Six Sigma, reserve analysis, financial valuation, environmental and waste assessment, market evaluation, portfolio planning and sales forecasting.

Crystal Ball is a Microsoft® Excel®-based suite of analytical tools that includes Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, capability metrics, and forecasting. The most popular use of Crystal Ball is to define variable inputs as probability distributions and use simulation to view the effects of this variation on one or more outputs. With little effort, you can apply these advanced analytical techniques to your new or existing spreadsheets to help understand and reduce the effects of variation on new or existing designs and processes.

Keywords: Crystal Ball

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