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If your cat enjoyed his stay at Cat's Paradise, especially the individual outdoor runs you will be pleased to know that Cat's Paradise offers a number of unique cat items geared towards the health and well-being of your pet.  We are pleased to be able to offer a wonderful new product that allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors SAFELY!

We sell - and offer free delivery within Ottawa, Almonte, Carleton Place and Smith Falls - of outdoor cat enclosure systems. These modular pet enclosures are:

  • easy to assemble

  • maintenance free

  • escape proof

  • suitable for all types of properties - EVEN APARTMENTS

A Room With a View is on display now at Cat's Paradise!

Did you know indoor cats live up to 5 times longer than their outdoor counterparts?
That’s because indoor cats:
Don’t get hit by cars, trucks or buses—hundreds of thousands of cats die this way each year.
Don’t get into fights with other cats—fights leading to torn ears, scratched eyes, internal injuries and infection.
Are safe from neighbors who don’t like stray animals—in many places it’s legal to trap an unwanted animal.
Are safe from attack by wild animals—like coyotes, raccoons and owls.But many indoor cats suffer from obesity and mental stress.
They too want to experience the benefits of the great outdoors.

These Cats Den outside cat enclosures are maintenance free. We offer galvanized and powder-coated steel units to suit all climate requirements.
These outside cat enclosures are sturdy and escape-proof. Your cat will have full access to the outdoors but in a safe, controlled environment. And you don’t have to worry!
You can accessorize your enclosure with awnings and hammocks. We carry an array of kitty comforts.

  • The regular floor to ceiling is offered for $139.99 + tax.

  • The big-cat floor to ceiling is offered for $179.99 + tax.

  • There is also a floor to ceiling with a tunnel $169.99

  • A 5 foot structure is $99.99

Custom orders are welcome! We also have a number of other designs to choose from including floor to ceiling with a tunnel, 5 foot climber, house on stilts, cat hideaway and more. Photos coming..

Photo on left: Floor to Ceiling ($139.99)

Photo on right: Pagoda Style House ($199.99)















The Scratch Box™ is a cardboard cat scratcher with a difference! Not only will cats love digging their claws into the cardboard, your kids will enjoy the pop-out cat and mouse characters featured on the packaging. Treated with organic catnip, the Scratch Box™ will grab a cat's attention and keep it. There is no doubt that the bright and attractive graphics of the Scratch Box™ make this cat scratcher a great conversation piece.

The catnip treated cardboard scratchy pad, rubbing nibs and the brightly coloured track ball toy is the perfect combination of features to keep cats entertained all day long.  Price $13.99

The lazy lounger is one of the most versatile beds around for cats. It is used by almost all the cats that come to the spa. It conforms to their body, can be treated with catnip and used to scratch and is super comfortable. Price $17.99

The omega window seat is the perfect addition to any home. It looks great and cats love it. Price $29.99. On sale for $23.99

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Keywords: Cat, Cat Enclosures

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In the event that your cat requires veterinary attention we will either take them to the closest veterinary clinic or where possible take them to their regular veterinarian. He can do a traditional framed photo or a photo on canvas while your cat is vacationing at Cat's Paradise Spa and Boarding Retreat. Payment can be made by visa, interact, mastercard or cash if the cat is being dropped off at the spa.