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Bodies In Balance Massage Therapy Alliston

Our Services:

  • Relaxation Massage 
  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic Massage                                                          All of our therapists are registered with CMTO
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Bowen Technique
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Detox Body Wraps
  • Thai Stem Massage
  • Thai Stem Facial Massage
  • Ion Foot Cleanse
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage (Champissage TM)
  • Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage TM
  • Dead Sea Luxurious Treatments
  • Custom Therapeutic Gradient Compression Hosiery
  • Physiotherapy

Acupuncture is now available. Please call Joanne for more details

Now offering Physiotherapy

Massage Therapy may be covered by your Extended Health Care Benefits, please check with your health care provider. A doctor's referral is required by some plans.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque only

Our Fees:

Massage Therapy

A therapeutic massage is tailored to your individual needs at the time of treatment. Communication with your therapist will ensure you receive the treatment you are needing and looking for.

30 Minute Massage  $50

45 Minute Massage  $60

60 Minute Massage  $75

90 Minute Massage  $125


30 Minutes                  $50


One on one physiotherapy care with emphasis on manual therapy techniques

Initial Assessment (approx 45 min) $90

Subsequent treatment (approx 30 min) $60


Pressure points are stimulated on the feet and this treatment is finished off with a relaxing foot massage with your choice of foot lotion for the massage (peppermint, vanilla, lavender, orange sherbert, coconut and mango to name a few).

45 Minute reflexology  $60

Hot Stone Massage  

This luxurious and relaxing full body treatment uses heated Basalt stones for your massage. It is an excellent choice for those who cannot tolerate deeper tissue work. The heat of the stones allows the muscles and fascia to open up easily and release tension and restrictions.

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage $105

Thai Stem Massage

75  Minute Thai Stem Body Massage $125

This is a combination of acupressure, Lomi Lomi and Thai Massage. Energy lines are worked, the body is stretched and steamed Herbal Thai compresses apply a penetrating moist heat to the body inducing a deep state of relaxaion(all organic and manufactured in Thailand). The herbs encourage detoxification and pain relief and decrease inflammation, all the while emitting a soothing exotic aroma into the air for you to enjoy.  The stems are yours to keep after the treatment to enjoy at home.

30 minute Thai Stem Facial Massage $60

This a a combination of acupressure and facial massage. Accupressure points are stimulated on the face, the scalp is massaged and then the steamed compresses are applied to the face and neck area to evoke a deep state of relaxation. These stems are also yours to take home after your treatment. There are three types of compresses for various skin types: coconut, sesame and clay.

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a gentle form of bodywork in which very subtle moves performed over the muscle and connective tissue send messages deep into the body.  Results can be remarkable, even from the first session; often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem. There are frequent yet very essential pauses throughout the session that allows the body time to respond and begin the healing process. A session may last from 30 to 60 minutes.

 per session $75


Ion Foot Cleanse

The detox ion foot cleanse used ion charged water to draw toxins out of the body through the feet. Some clients feel an extra surge of energy after enjoying this treatment. This 30 minute treatment is very relaxing and well as detoxifying. YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THIS TREATMENT IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER, ARE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING. Please advise your therapist of any open sores or wounds you may have on your feet.

30 Minute Ion Foot Cleanse $45

Detox Body Wrap

 In this treatment, the body is wrapped in tensor bandages that have been soaked in an aloe and collagen solution. Once the tensor bandages are applied, the body is then wrapped in sheets to allow your body to heat up and detoxify. A scalp massage and water are provided during this treatment. If you select a wrap and massage, a general back, neck and shoulder massage is provided.  It is recommended you bring a change of undergarments for after your wrap.

60 Minute treatment  $120

Wrap with 20 minute massage $150

Spa Services

Dead Sea Treatments

The Dead Sea has a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean waters! It encourages skin rejuvenation and revitalization. Recognized for thousands of years for its therapeutic powers, it contains a unique mixture of minerals and trace elements that make it the earth's greatest natural spa. It offers magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and sodium, all vital to our cells.

Grape Seed and Algae

In this hour treatment, allow your mind to escape as warmed Grape Seed and Algae wrap is applied to your back. As your body absorbs the benefits of this Dead Sea treatment, your legs are massaged with warmed Grape Seed and Algae. Finishing touches of this treatment are gentle back, neck and shoulders massage. This hour will make you wish it were never ending!

60 Minute treatment $105

Chocolate or Cranberry Hand (or Foot) Paraffin Treatment

A gentle massage of the hands and forearms (or feet and calves) and then warm Chocolate or Cranberry Paraffin is applied. You then sit comfortably listening to soft music and allow your body to relax. Indulge in decadent Chocolate, Cranberry, combination of both, add an essential oil of Orange or Peppermint!

30 Minute treatment $50

Add a 15 minute Chocolate or Cranberry footbath.  It consists of an ultra-fine powder which dissolves in the water and transforms it into a Chocolate emulsion.  While the fragrance of Chocolate fills the air, active ingredients are released to nourish and calm the skin.

15 Minute  $15

Peel Off Face Mask

In this 30 minute treatment, acupressure points on the face are stimulated and then Dead Sea Peel Off mask is applied to the face. Then allow your body to sink into the table as you relax in the serene environment. When the mask is removed your skin is rejuvenated and tingling!

30 Minute treatment $60

Marine Salt with Laminaria Algae

Enjoy a gentle foot scrub and soak in Marine Salt and Laminaria Algae which is lightly scented with Lotus Flower, unlike anything you have experienced before.

30 Minute treatment $60


You remain fully clothed in this full body treatment. A series of hand placements are used to bring the body into a deep state of relaxation.

60 minutes $75

Indian Head Massage (Champissage TM)

This massage is performed with the client seated in a chair. A variety of techniques are used to bring the client into a deep state of relaxation. Points on the upper back and arms as well as the neck, head, face and ears are treated.  

30 minutes $50

Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage TM

This massage with marma therapy is a beautiful and relaxing health care modality, which balances the body, the mind and the spirit. This unique treatment, steeped in centuries of ceremony involves the use of Ghee (clarified butter). The massage is deeply revitalizing for tired feet and legs and helps to rebalance tri-dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). A three metal bowl is used to vigorously massage the feet and calves to draw out heat and toxins. This treatment may not be given to people with epilepsy, bulging varicose veins, thromobosis, athletes foot, broken bones in feet, high temperature or fever.

30 minutes $60

24 hours notice of cancellation required for all appointments. Full fee applies to all appointments missed or cancelled without required notification.

Fees are subject to change without notice. HST is included in fees.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically the muscles, connective tissue, tendons , ligaments and joints. Massage Therapy has a therapeutic effect on the body and improves health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be developed, improved and maintained and physical dysfunction and pain can be relieved or prevented through the use of Massage Therapy 

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