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By: Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Center  09-12-2011
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Here is an overview of the services we offer:

The clinic will offer bilingual service and a full range of dental hygiene services. Fully computerized, with the most up-to-date equipment available you can see your mouth through the lens of an intra-oral camera, or power wash those stains away with our baking soda polisher. With my 9 years experience in advanced care settings, I will help you have a healthier mouth, in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.

As a courtesy, we stock all Oral Hygiene Aids that we recommend: No need to search high and low for the tools you need to keep your mouth healthy. A full range of dental hygiene tools and specialty products will be available for purchase on site. The biggest pet peeve clients have shared over the years is the frustration in trying to find the gadgets we recommend.

Whether its interdental tools, fluoride rinses, or new heads for your electric toothbrush, you can restock when you come for your regular visit, at a price that will keep you smiling. For our mobile clients, we can deliver your order when we come for your regular cleaning visit.

Most Dental Insurance companies accept Dental Hygiene direct billing, we will look in to that for you to ensure that everything is in order, as well as completing and submitting claim forms for you. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Debit as methods of payment; our convenient mobile Interac machine comes to your home on mobile visits.

  • Perform a thorough head and neck assessment, including an oral cancer screening.
  • Assess the health of your mouth let you know what can be done to help your mouth be healthier
  • Advocate on your behalf: Give you an unbiased opinion of options for treatment in your mouth
  • Work with you to make a plan to increase your level of health based on your informed choices
  • Provide the course of treatment you choose
  • Refer you to professionals who you choose to consult with if necessary: doctor, dentist, naturopath, herbalist, denturologist etc.
  • Evaluate how well our treatment has helped and adapt our care to increase the effectiveness of future treatment
  • Our cleaning services include gentle scaling of your teeth using a combination of hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers
  • A selective polishing of remaining stains and plaque using a traditional rubber cup or advanced baking soda jet polisher.
  • After our thorough assessment we will let you know if we find any signs or symptoms of gum disease, if we do we will offer you individualized treatment options (regular cleanings and good homecare) designed to help improve and control this common disease.
  • There are many ways to brighten your smile, we’ve all seen “Extreme Makeover”. Although there are many “fast” ways to whiten your smile, the safest and most effective way is the traditional tray whitening. Much of the initial whitening effect of UV accelerated whitening treatments tend to fade and need “finishing” with tray whitening.
  • We have chosen the safest most effective whitening products we could find to ensure great results and choice of strength, to ensure you aren’t too sensitive during treatment.
  • We will take a starting shade and photo before you start your treatment, and do the same after your treatment. Touch-up kits are available for those once in a while retouches.
  • Do you play an organized sport? Have you attempted to make a “boil and bite” mouthguard at home? Our custom fitted mouthguards will be a refreshing change!!!
  • We take impressions of your mouth and fabricate a mouthguard that fits like a glove and designed to protect, not annoy!
  • All teeth have grooves and pits on the surface. For children, these can be the hardest areas to clean, New teeth can have cavities before they get a chance to grow fully into the mouth. Our special fluoride release sealants, fill the grooves with a special plastic that seals and protects teeth against cavities!
  • Fluoride helps protect against cavities, we all know that, but not everyone knows that it helps with sensitivity as well. Ask our dental hygienist if fluoride is right for you, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  • Though we all think about it, not many of us want to talk about it…
  • Is my breath fresh?
  • There are many ways to improve your breath and your confidence!!
  • Some of these are home care habits that are easy to add to your daily routine. We also have Fresh breath kits with specialized toothpaste and mouthrinse for anyone who needs to treat a more serious problem
  • Signs and Symptoms of Bad breath can include:
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Dry mouth in the morning
  • Smoking
  • Sour, bitter, or metallic taste in the mouth
  • Dry mouth, thicker saliva or extreme “morning breath”
  • A white coating on the tongue (plaque/ bacteria)
  • Extra post-nasal drip or more mucous in the throat
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste can be warning signs of gum (periodontal disease).
  • The most common causes are food particles and bacteria that accumulate between the teeth, on the tongue, and around the gums.
  • Bad breath may also be a sign of some medical conditions, such as respiratory tract infection, sinusitis, gastrointestinal tract infections and others.
  • We are always here to help, are you getting a lot of cavities and can’t figure out why? Sometimes hidden things in our diets make a big difference, we are here to help you figure our what is causing the cavities, not just fix the symptom…
  • There are a ton of different oral hygiene tools on the market these days. Its wonderful to have such choice, but which tool is the best choice for my mouth? And how do I use it? We are here to figure out what tools are great for your specific situation, and give you a “How to” course. With all this choice, we’re sure to find something you’ll like!!

Sources: Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist- Esther Wilkins, Canadian Dental Association, The Canadian Dental Hygiene Association.

Keywords: dental hygiene, fluoride, teeth

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