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By: Jet Moulding  09-12-2011

While our success may be based on developing superior product for multiple markets, the underpinnings of that prosperity can be attributed to our comprehensive roster of enhanced services, and the dedicated staff who deliver them. We take particular pride in knowing our customers rely on us as a vital resource in addressing the issues, solving the problems and ultimately deriving the best product possible.

That means customers look to us for front-edge research and product development thanks to our quality engineering and skill for custom formulations. As a service-driven company we encourage our customers to rely on our technical consulting, Troubleshooting and meticulous laboratory testing options to develop a detailed understanding of what we do. The clearer our customers are, the more confidence we inspire.

Certainly the advantage of experience, hard work and innovative thinking helps create exceptional end product, but at Jet we believe that true success is nothing if not shared. That’s why we make every effort to ensure our customers utilize the breadth of our services and the depth of our knowledge. We are renowned for nurturing loyal, long-term relations with our customers, something that speaks not only to the professional standards we uphold but to the personalized approach we believe distinguishes us in the industry.

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Jet Moulding Compounds - Product Data Sheets

Low temperature material designed for use where low pressure and low temperature tooling and machinery is used in the moulding process. Non-Halogenated UL recognized material utilized in business machines, appliances, air conditioners, etc. Pipe flanges and underground applications where corrosion resistant materials are required. GPO grade material for general purpose electrical applications.


Jet Moulding Compounds - Sheet Moulding Compound / Bulk Moulding Compound

Jet provides colour matched Sheet Moulding Compound, Bulk Moulding Compound and Low Pressure Moulding Compound for a vast range of applications. As we are solely in the compound business, we are particularly adept at adapting our products to respond to the specifications each customer requires. Our design engineers strive to formulate custom blended reinforced compounds that meet the increasingly rigorous demands of our customers.