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By: Jet Moulding  09-12-2011


Material Grade (Classification)

Proposed Application

SMC Series Number

BMC Series Number

General Purpose General purpose material having a wide range of applications.
Sanitary/ Cookware Microwave and conventional oven-proof material for dishware & cookware, etc.
Low Profile/Low Shrink Exterior and structural automotive grade
Low Density Specific gravity of 1.0, 1.3 and 1.55 where lower weight is required  
Zero Shrink/ Class A Low profile smooth designed for automotive outer body panels. Available in low pressure.  
High Strength Vinyl ester material for automotive and general purpose.
Low Pressure and Low Profile Low pressure and low profile material designed for use where low pressure tooling and machinery is used in the moulding process. B4000
Low Density, Low Pressure, Low Smoke Low Pressure, Low Density and Fire Retardant – ASTM E162 & E662  
Low Pressure, Low Temperature, Low Profile Low pressure, low temperature material designed for use where low pressure and low temperature tooling and machinery is used in the moulding process.  
Electrical GPO grade material for general purpose electrical applications (electrical barriers, cable supports, insulators, various control panel components).
UV Stable Exceptional performance to weathering  
Docket 90A Suitable for Mass Transit – excellent pigmentation  
UL Recognized UL File No. E84051 Halogenated UL recognized material utilized in business machines, appliances, air conditioners, etc.  
UL Recognized UL File No. E84051 Non-Halogenated UL recognized material utilized in business machines, appliances, air conditioners, etc.
Corrosion Resistant Parts for pumps, pipe flanges and underground applications where corrosion resistant materials are required.

The information contained herein and in the data sheets is offered as a guide only. Since the values achieved in actual parts depend considerably on the part design and on the conditions of moulding and testing, no guarantee is implied regarding properties to be obtained in specific tests; the user is urged to make his own tests and judge for himself the suitability of the material for his use.  Jet Moulding Compounds assumes no liability, either expressed or implied, for infringement of any patent by the manufacture, sale or use of articles moulded from its material.

Revised July 24, 2009

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