By: Fibercore Onsite Paper Service  09-12-2011
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• Unique, patented roll cutting technology will successfully convert rolls up to 140" in width by 80" in diameter.
• No weight or cut size restrictions. All paper grades and basis weights can be converted.
• Mobility of our crews and services is an important part of your success. Our strategicaly placed crews throughout the U.S. will come to you in a matter of a few days, many times hours. (Also available in Canada and Europe)
• Safe, clean and efficient operations will be up and running within 2 hours of arrival at a facility of your choosing.
• Unparalleled operational flexibility ensures emergency needs can be met.

New Plunge-Cut Roll Converter Will Divide Without Rewinding:   Place mouse on picture for more information

• Our mobile Plunge-cut Roll Converter will convert parent rolls into 2 rolls which can be finished to the size of your choice.
• At this time there is only one of these machines available so please call us early.
• Convert rolls for printing, converting or simply repulping.
• No weight or cut size restriction.

Roll Wrapping/ Packaging:  Place mouse on picture for more information

• We offer mobile roll wrapping/packaging as a service, or you can buy or lease the machine with training.
• Applies any kraft wrap with mill quality tightness and seal.
• Adjustable for rolls up to 140" wide, 64" diameter on 3 or 6 inch cores.

Cap Insertion/Extraction:  Place mouse on picture for more information

• We offer the best after-market caps and cap installation process available.
• Heavy duty steel caps are applied under hydraulic pressure for grip strength, preventing the cap from spinning out.
• We can also remove mill installed caps without damaging the core.

Core Repair and Roll Straightening Services:  Place mouse on picture for more information

• Core repair and roll straightening services offered on a regional basis.
• Unique method of core repair takes more time but it ensures proper correction is achieved.
• Please talk to one of our Sales Representatives to verify our ability to serve your market.

Other Services:

•  Roll Diameter Reduction
•  Scrap/Waste Management through Coffee County Recycling

Keywords: Converter

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