Dr. Lin & Associates: About Us

By: Dr Lin And Associates  09-12-2011

Our focus at Dr. Lin & Associates is towards growth and healthy change, and to this end, we provide a variety of services that allow our clients to develop the tools they need to meet their goals. The scope of our work spans from assisting individuals, couples, and families, all the way to working closely with organizations on their people issues. We have a well-trained and experienced team who are committed to providing top-notch, personalized counselling and consulting services, and we are well-known for our excellent customer service. 

Our services include:

  • Counselling
  • Assessment
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Life Coaching
  • HR Strategies
  • Seminars

Other products and services from Dr Lin And Associates


Dr. Lin & Associates: About Us - assesments

We provide customized psycho-educational assessments that are tailored to evaluate the various learning styles or processing problems that may impact your child’s effectiveness at school and in day to day functioning. Our customized reports provide you with useful recommendations that will help you advocate for your child or teen so that they are given the best opportunity to perform their best.


Dr. Lin & Associates: About Us - core values

Establishing Dr. Lin & Associates as a place where counsellors -- who have been called into ministry using the gifts God has given them -- may live out their calling on a full-time basis while earning an adequate income. Setting healthy boundaries that model and teach our clients how to take responsibility for their own lives while letting go of burdens that were never meant for them to carry.