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By: Avery Media  09-12-2011

Nothing Is More Effective Than Avery Media Canada’s In-Store Video Advertising

According to a recent study of 6,000 shoppers by OgilvyAction (www.ogilvyaction.com), the key factor that causes spontaneous spending is this, “twice as many impulse purchases are driven by displays in stores than by price.”

Many similar research studies have also confirmed that the more eye-catching and exciting the in-store advertising is, the more effective it is at grabbing attention, creating enthusiasm for the product, and getting people to buy it immediately.

In 2007, the well-known and reputable Nielsen Company (www.nielsen.com) studied the effectiveness of in-store videos using 4,000 retail stores and Nielsen concluded “almost 90 percent of 12-34 year old customers find the topics and products featured in the program interesting and 79 percent of viewers recalled one or more of the ads featured in the program” afterwards.

No other form of in-store advertising can beat these success statistics. Of all the possible in-store displays, posters, and signage that you could use to promote your products, nothing is more effective than Avery Media Canada’s in-store video advertising. While traditional in-store advertising is so overused it no longer stands outs, in-store videos are new, dynamic, dramatic, and always draw interest.