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By: Cordner Science  09-12-2011
Keywords: Agriculture, Food Production, Sustainable Food


  • Advise on sustainable food production systems
  • Develop and implement agricultural/environmental monitoring and research programs
  • Analyse data and prepare scientific reports
  • Assess the impact of current or proposed practices on the rural environment
  • Communicate results
Our work is science-based and defensible. It often has a strong emphasis on soil, water, natural vegetation, agriculture and human impacts. Sustainable Food Production
Food purchasing and food procurement - finding the balance between value and quality is a difficult job - adding 'sustainability' requirements takes this to a new level. Food production - balancing the pressures of farming is a daily challenge - documenting that your practices are sustainable adds a whole new dimension to the challenge. Cordner Science understands the science of sustainable food production and the practical business of farming. We will support your initiatives and help you find practical solutions to meet your corporate goals - whether you are just starting to develop your sustainability policies; or you are ready for show-and-tell visits at the farm-gate; or you are preparing to go public with your own corporate sustainability claims. Cordner Science can help you with:
  • Policy development
  • Program design and implementation
  • Establishment of sustainability criteria and indicators
  • Assessment of on-farm practices
  • Monitoring on-farm progress
  • Evaluation of on-farm food production claims
  • Communicating scientific information
  • Representing your interests in scientific forums

Environmental Monitoring and Research
At Cordner Science we incorporate OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles in all of our monitoring and research programs. When science audits are required or litigation is probable, the level of documentation is easily increased to meet GLP standards. This helps our clients to manage costs while still providing excellent scientific information. To further control costs, Cordner Science will fill whatever scientific role is needed by our clients - from complete program development and management, to task-specific responsibilities, to on-call or retainer-style scientific advisory services for in-house staff. Cordner Science will:
  • Identify monitoring/research issues and objectives
  • Develop monitoring/research protocols or study plans
  • Conduct the field work
  • Liaise with the analytical laboratory
  • Statistically analyse the results
  • Present the findings in a report or other format
  • Defend the findings in private, public or legal forums

Information Analysis and Review
Using available sources, we will prepare and deliver a variety of information-based services including:
  • Agricultural/environmental status reports
  • Statistical and GIS-based analyses of trends
  • Peer reviews of proposed or existing work
  • Scientific content for company web pages
  • Scientific write-ups to meet regulatory needs, based on company or public data
  • Literature and technology reviews
  • Annotated bibliographies

Impact Assessments
Upon request, Cordner Science assesses the impacts of proposed and existing practices used by our clients. Standard procedures are used where appropriate. Findings are defended at public meetings and before appropriate boards and committees if required.

Keywords: Agriculture, Food Production, Sustainable Food