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By: True Love & False Idols  09-12-2011

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Tradition is a sneaker and clothing boutique in Westlake Village and Ventura, CA that was founded by Jason Gaines and Andrew Kline back in 2006. We were able to catch up with Andrew after our packed house TLFI Pop Up Shop at the Westlake Village store and get some quick Q&A. Enjoy:

What’s the story behind Tradition?

We opened Tradition almost 5 years ago. Basically we wanted to introduce the Los Angeles or New York boutique experience to the suburbs. Jason and I were both previously buyers and manager at Fred Segal… I had always dreamed of opening my own store, and we put our heads together and made it a reality. We carry streetwear mainstays such as The Hundreds, Akomplice, Black Scale, Diamond, and Crooks and Castles while still focusing on smaller independent brands such as Bloodbath, Teruo Artistry, The Forrest Lab, and more. We’ve done very well with our own Tradition brand as well.

Who is your typical customer?

Our customer ranges from your average high school and college kids to your favorite rapper or professional athlete. We have a very diverse clientele, all united by their search for the newest and coolest!

How’s the shop doing?

The economy is a motherfucker, but we are doing the best that we can to push through these tough times. Business could always be better, but at the same time it could also be worse!

Do you have any interesting shoplifting stories?

We have only had a few shoplifting incidents… A kid once stole a shirt from us and his friends ratted him out. They gave us his name and cell phone number and we asked him to return the shirt. He said no, so they police showed up to his house and took him to jail! Once stories like that get out kids are too scared to steal from you!

We busted another kid on Facebook, and he returned the stolen shirt crying!

What about your music connections, from being in a band (Strife) to working with people in the industry…

I have played in Strife for over 20 years… I think the DIY ethic of playing in a hardcore band is really reflected in Tradition as well. We really support music and the arts, and have done collaborations and shows with such artists as DJ Muggs, Raekown, Fashawn, GBC, Strong Arm Steady, Self Scientific, Hawdwerk & Jansport J, Young De, Planet Asia, El Prez, and many more.

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We worked together on an unheard classic Styles of Beyond Album I did some interludes and skits and Cheapshot made fun of me. Then after we’ve given out those 50 anyone else who signs up gets free TLFI stickers mailed to their house. JT1 was a combo of some of my favorite music at the time set to Cheap’s fast paced mixing style. Cheapshot and I have been collaborating on stuff for a long time.


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7th Letter is a really good segue for a bunch of guys who have given their lives over to doing graffiti and to their crew and a testament to EKLIPS for being able to keep this shit alive for as long as I’ve ever seen any graffiti crew stay relevant. Is that the 7th Letter Crew is an extension of the AWR/MSK thing that’s been going strong for some 20 plus years. This tee is a combo of 7the letter iconography and TLFI logos.


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In 1990 REVOK began sneaking out of the 2nd story window of his parents home to write graffiti around his neighborhood… 21 years later not much has changed despite numerous arrests, Jail time and fines in the U.S. and overseas. Born in Riverside, Ca. in 1977 Los Angeles based REVOK discovered art through his fathers collection of 60?s & 70?s album covers, comic books, and skateboarding.