Memory Prompts, Words to Trigger Memories or Stories

By: Memoir Writing  09-12-2011

The memory box is a game that contains 150 words which have been specially selected to spark memories and stories from the past. Whether the stories are orally told or written down, they are a great way to stimulate conversation and personal pleasure for the teller and the listener.

The words can be used in a variety of ways and situations.

Family Gatherings and Social Functions

can use the words as a game for the sharing of personal stories and as entertainment


can use the words as triggering points for writing personal stories, fictional pieces, poetry and songs

Caregivers or Volunteers

can use the words as a communication or conversational tool to elicit memories and stories from their patients, clients and themselves


can give the students the words to use as themes or starting points for written or oral language arts assignments


people can use the words as a presenters "ice-breaker" for large or small groups

Product Details:

The memory box is Canadian made from Birch Veneer, stained, with details hand-painted with acrylic and coated with a water-based varnish.

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