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By: Omnitrol  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rfid, Electronics Manufacturing, Tracking Solution

  • It mitigates technology investment risk by minimizing integration with existing legacy systems; enabling customers to migrate at their own pace while still being future-proofed.
    Louis Bianchin,
    Senior Analyst,

  • Omnitrol’s cutting-edge solution suite automatically collects information from a large variety of sensors and, through predictive analytics, delivers real-time visibility with accurate forecasting between business partner operations. Potentially, any control system or middleware may help an end-user integrate back-end and shop-floor but Omnitrol infrastructure extends business intelligence directly from the operations-floor without the complexity of multiple software layers, thereby minimizing total investment and improving ROI.
    Arunkumar J,
    Program Manager,
    Frost & Sullivan

  • Omnitrol Networks has become a major force in the industry.
    Joe Leone,
    President & CTO,
    RFID Global Solutions

  • The OMNITROL appliance's network and business application convergence, compounded by its dramatic economic value proposition, is rapidly transforming the landscape of the real-time enterprise network and appliance-based service delivery.
    PG Menon,
    VP Marketing,
    NextHop Technologies

  • Successfully deploying asset tracking solutions in the enterprise requires an integrated platform that reduces costs, risks and complexity. Omnitrol's scalable open platform is enhanced by adding Wi-FiRTLS functionality using Ekahau'sRTLS and its open XML/HTTP software interface.
    President & CEO,

  • Business leaders should care about the benefits that a solution like Omnitrol's could bring to the inherently complex manufacturing models that automotive, aerospace and other large discrete manufacturers face.
    Dan Miklovic,
    VP Manufacturing,

  • Our current focus is on lean manufacturing, common systems, and ergonomics. To prepare for the next step function improvement in aircraft manufacturing, the Advanced Manufacturing Research & Development organization is exploring network enabled manufacturing, Omnitrol Networks helps us create such an environment by providing the capability to collect, analyze, correlate, and act upon edge device and applications data in a highly adaptive, real-time environment.
    Bryan Dods,
    Senior Manager, Aerostructures Manufacturing,
    Boeing Corporation

  • The PCB tracking solution combines Texas Instruments’ experience in electronics manufacturing along with our core competency in RFID with Omnitrol Networks' Work-In-Process application appliance.
    Director of Asset Tracking,
    Texas Instruments RFID Systems

  • I can view the complete status of my shop-floor and quickly identify at-risk orders from my desktop. Instead of discovering late orders through missed delivery dates, thanks to the OMNITROL solution I am always in the know.
    Mark Odom,
    Vice President of Manufacturing,
    Bay Creek Manufacturing

  • Working with Omnitrol Networks to add UWB capability to their best-in-class WIP visibility solution will offer customers the solution they are seeking to improve their work-in-process operations.
    Greg Clawson,
    Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing,
    Time Domain

  • The OMNITROL appliance has developed a powerful new paradigm in real-time Work-In-Process visibility and traceability. By combining all the computing, networking, and software resources into a single physical device, Omnitrol Networks is going to be a catalyst of the IT transformation that will support the proliferation of intelligent edge networks.
    Joseph Robin Mathews,
    Associate Editor,
    Silicon India

  • With OMNITROL, end users will not have to upgrade their entire infrastructure to adapt to the latest technology change or workflow improvement. The OMNITROL encapsulates complete business services intelligence on the work-floor where business operations happen.
    Brendon Ouimette,
    Frost & Sullivan

  • Omnitrol Networks' offering combines middleware, device management and networking functions that reduce costs and time-to-market for real-time RFID-based edge services. We look forward to continued collaboration with Omnitrol to bring the benefits of RFID to our customers.
    Terry Pruett,
    Director of Channel Development,
    Alien Technology Corporation

  • Omnitrol's ability to automatically monitor and track what is happening on the factory floor without user intervention is a unique differentiator. It eliminates inconsistent or inaccurate reports of work in process.
    Stephanie Neil,
    Senior Editor,
    Managing Automation

  • The aerospace and defense industries are constantly looking for better ways to manage complexity. Among their goals are the creation of ‘sense and respond’ supply chains that help warfighters increase availability of their weapons systems to ensure mission readiness. Omnitrol Networks’ award-winning track and trace infrastructure solution is a proven, scalable and elegant approach to help existing ERP, MRO, and logistical systems achieve these goals in the aerospace and defense sectors.
    David Croop,
    Croop-LaFrance Inc

  • The OMNITROL solution provides Hobart’s manufacturing team with real-time visibility on all our customer orders without any impact on our operations. The solution eliminates the tasks of order tracking and manual entry. More importantly, the solution makes us a better partner to our customers by automatically sharing critical order information with them 24x7.
    Rosemary Brester,
    Hobart Machined Products

  • Most middleware is limited, requires extensive customization making it difficult for use to integrators like us.TheOMNITROL supports not only all types of wireless, barcode and RFID technologies, but also sensors and PLC systems simplifying integration with our customers installed infrastructure while providing the flexibility to expand, improve and scale their business processes without incurring high costs.
    Paul Pope,
    Vice-President and General Manager,
    Ahearn & Soper

  • Omnitrol’s web-based in-production dashboard provides us with a unique Work-In-Process solution that is expected to deliver the next level of process innovation and change order management.
    David Hall,
    SVP and General Manager,
    Endwave Defense Systems

  • This low cost solution can help to transform the business relationship between customers and their key suppliers and deliver better and faster product.
    Andrew Hughes,
    AIDC Gartner

  • We are delighted to be working with Omnitrol as it will strengthen our existing capabilities within BT Supply Chain Solutions and enable us to better address our customers’ requirements to improve the operational efficiency of their supply chains. The versatile OMNITROL platform allows BT Supply Chain Solutions to quickly customize solutions, and to meet individual customer needs.
    Keith Sherry,
    BT Supply Chain Solutions

  • The OMNITROL solution delivers a new generation network appliance encapsulating all RFID processing and management, thereby eliminating back-end development, reducing setup and support costs for edge deployments.
    Andrew Nathanson,
    Director of VDC's Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) Practice,
    VDC Automatic Identification

  • I was extremely impressed with the capabilities of the OMNITROL appliance approach, and its ability to rapidly create and deploy intelligent edge manufacturing services, which led me to select Omnitrol Networks' solution for my laboratory. The new OMNITROL-based network gives us more flexibility than today's approach, making our research more timely and applicable. In addition, the OMNITROL's capability to integrate with all devices on the shop floor, including PLCs and new sensor technologies like RFID, is giving our students and industry partners access to the latest leading edge technologies.
    Can Saygin,
    Director of the MSA and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

  • The OMNITROL PCB tracking solution using TI’s RFID chips allows us to automatically maintain traceability on each component that goes into the products we build. We have been able to replace tedious manual scanning with a completely automated process.
    Heinz Hornung,
    General Manager,
    TQ Components

  • Keywords: Electronics Manufacturing, Rfid, Tracking Solution