OmniMD Product Overview

By: Omnimd  09-12-2011
Keywords: It Support, Practice Management, Medical Billing

Among OmniMD’s integrated suite of medical software solutions is the ambulatory electronic health records system and practice management system (EHR + PMS). Both perform multiple practice functions easily and expeditiously, hugely benefiting a number of providers by completely automating their practice work-flow, streamlining processes and improving bottom lines. Its modern functionality allows providers to get access to patient information on their desktops, iPads and even handheld devices.

This single product can manage all the assorted clinical, administrative and business functions of a practice through its modules—such as the appointment scheduler, comprehensive ambulatory EHR, eligibility verification, medical billing and electronic prescriptions. It also brings about a high degree of coordination among various practice staff members and physicians as well as other stakeholders such as patients and third-party service providers, leading to significant improvement in care delivery.

Our latest and most updated version, OmniMD Version 11.0, is a CCHIT certified EHR and is eligible to offer solutions that fulfill Meaningful Use of EHR criteria. The product is fully backed by IT support services and onsite training and implementation by our experts who can customize the software to meet individual practice needs.

Our implementation team also offers the requisite handholding to physicians and other practice staff members until they feel confident using the system themselves.

Keywords: Business Functions, It Support, Medical Billing, Medical Software, Onsite Training, Practice Management, Streamlining Processes

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Clinic Website Design - OmniMD provides multi functional, readymade and custom clinic websites

The portals allow patients to enter some of their health data directly into the system and to also gain access to EHR information. User-friendly patient portals integrated with the EHR system to create a better interface with patients. Allows patients to register online and to provide demographic data. Upcoming appointments and health alerts can be viewed. Allows the practice to showcase its expertise.


Appointment Scheduler - OmniMD Appointment Scheduler for Clinical Practices in US

OmniMD’s integrated medical software includes an appointment scheduler, which allows providers and other practice staff to efficiently schedule and manage patient encounters across multiple offices. Allows patient data to be transmitted from appointment scheduler to charge capture and prescription writer modules, making data re-entry unnecessary.


Ambulatory Solutions Overview

OmniMD’s integrated EHR and Practice Management System product suite performs multiple practice functions easily and expeditiously, and has hugely benefited a number of providers by completely automating their practice workflow, streamlining processes and improving bottom-lines.


OmniMD Products Overview- OmniMD Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software for Clinical Practices in US

Effectively acting as a one-stop solution, it integrates the complete staff across all processes—the pharmacy, billing systems, transcription services, laboratory and the insurance company. In a single platform, the OmniMD suite effectively automates all of the vital processes within a practice with its comprehensive product modules.


Specialty EMR, Electronic Medical Record Softwares, Medical Record System, Specialty EMR Software

The OmniMD specialty electronic health record system is the first step towards a paperless practice environment as it digitizes all patient records and converts them to electronic health records. The dashboard provides access to patient demographic information, insurance records, allergies, medical history, transcriptions, prescriptions, superbills, documents, etc.